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2023: The New Year Comes With New Trends – Or Does It?

'Let’s get to the point here: the trends for 2023 are already all over our boards.'

Accessory Designer: @jan.guner⁠ Photographer: @karchevskiipavel⁠ Wardrobe Stylist: @valea.labliuc⁠ Model: @katkittycattt⁠ Makeup Artist: @styledbyledydi⁠ Via @officialkavyar

When thinking – and creating – fashion, the industry has to draw a very fine line between longevity of style and the current trends. So when creating a new collection, the designer has to find a way to make it make sense with previous works while also pushing the designs to inspire new styles and break some barriers - and that’s when we get to see a new trend flourish. It all started a few months ago, in September, when many new collections debuted during fashion month As new designer collections debut around the world during the fashion month and we began to see the new ones for 2023 emerge. If you’re anything like me, you’re fashion lover and has followed all the TikTok ’hot takes’ on fashion week – and even made your own. So I bet you’re probably left with some questions, opinions and even critiques, but when it comes to trends the one important question at the end of the day is: would you wear it?

Makeup Artist: @makeupby_brittanyjohnson⁠ Photographer: @cameronfeimster⁠ Model: @dayzdafuq⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Do you know that tug-and-pull of trends that designers do and we just talked about? Here’s another info for you: we, as consumers, work through the exact same thing, just on the other end – they give it, we receive it. When we’re shopping, do we go for aspirational or affordable? For the moment os for long term? It’s all very personal so there’s no correct answer, but those are thing to think about before we get deep into the trends and suddenly want to buy everything on the list. But let’s look at the bright side: to be aware of trends and of your own closet is actually a sign that you’re a conscious consumer. So is to seek out trends straight from the runway and don’t wait untill they’re popping all over your Instagram feed. The current reality of a trend life spam is moviving in a dizzing pace, even messing with the whole cycle of trends, so to get swept up feel inevitable – but uou can still be build your own personal style and be part of the art of fashion by consciously and selectively participating.

Now with all that being said – and hopefully understood – let’s get to the point here: the trends for 2023 are already all over our boards. When we analyze the upcoming trends, it’s very clear that they’re not that different from the ones we had throughout 2022 – so we’re still dealing with some controversial y2k options such as low-rise pieces. Sheer, leather, fringes and cut-outs are also still very much trending – maybe with just a new take. But as we have new things like dip-dye and city school girl added to the list, I guess we can say the trends are going in all directions – so just choose our game and go hard on it! But remember there’s no need to love and adopt all of them, just do you.

Wardrobe Stylist: @yangeffect⁠ Model: @michaelav⁠ Photographer: @andres.mcrea⁠ Assistant: @maddmuchh⁠ Hair Stylist: @_locssby.j_⁠ Assistant: @jaxxs__⁠ Makeup Artist:⁠ studio: @cravecavenj⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Going one by one, we’ll start with sheer, the one trend that came from a singular show alone, a phenomenon that happens sometimes, That one is now the FW22 Fendi show, and in Fendi as a trendsetter we trust. We’re living a time of freedom and liberation of the body, so it’s not longer a taboo to show undergarments through our clothes, actually, it’s often preferred. It has been a big deal for a while and it urned into a even bigger one when almost every collection on the runways of NYFW has completely see-through garments. Most of the shee pieces presented there – and even the ones we see on social media – are mostly suitable for street-wear or a casual night out with friends, but it’s not impossible to see some that would go perfectly with any kind of formal events. Yes, sheer can be formal and chic, who could’ve predicted that a few years ago, right? But imagine formal night gowns in sheer floral fabrics, sparkly laces and jewel tones. Can you see that sexy yet formal vibe we just created here? That’s very 2023 if you ask me.

Model: @olya_tigress⁠ Photographer: @nikola_foto⁠ Makeup Artist: @karolinakmakeup⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Going on, we get to the tassels and fringes – which some are saying are the replacement and evolution of the feather trend we had earlier this year. If you’re not very into colors and extravaganza, then that’s probably the best trend for you as a minimalist: tassel trim is originally neutral tones, creating endless possibilities for you to work with what’s already in our wardrobe. And because 2023 is the year where we are completely free from any remaining habits of the pandemic – such as underdressing and the growing love for sweatpants – this is one of the best trends to adopt now. Pieces in textured tassel trim are set to be the most loved party go-to for next year, specially in Spring when things tend to get a little more creative – but you can hop on the trend now! Now that the weather is cooler, cobine the tassels and fringes with sweaters or jackets and you’ll look just as good – you can even get a two for on if it’s a leather jacket, we’ll get into it next.

Staying on the topic, we got to the leather pieces, The fabric has been a timeless one on every fashion week for many decades now, and the last one was not different – we got to see many leather jackets on the runway, and we’re not mad about it. But the’re some more playful and cool-ish inovation that really caught our eyes: the leather skirts. Fro tiny mini skrts like the ones we’ve been seeing lately to maxi ones, leather skirts got spotted up and down the runways of NYFW. One of the most interesting things about it is that, more than the skirts itself looking super cool, leather is usually a fabric invested in for fall and winter, so I guess it’s nice to see it working all year around rather than just for a couple months. Also, it pairs with mostly everything so it should be a great investment for the year.

Hair Stylist: @bizzy_isthe_name⁠ Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: @VoStewartbaxter ⁠ Model: nicegeorges⁠ Photographer: @Kaiocsr⁠ Makeup Artist: @korveyycosmetics⁠ Via @officialkavyar

If there’s one tred that we never stopped seeing in 2022 it was the cut-outs. And guess what is also going with us for 2023? But I have to be fair and say there’s a new take for them now: one-sided oblique cutouts seem to be the piece of choice of most designers and it-girls for the next season. Because the style is not at all news for us there’s not much left to be said, but it’s a great way to emphasize the waist, show a little skin if that’s what you like and spice up a simple gown.

And of course we couldn’t end this without going about the most controversial of the all: low rise, I can say that there’s something similar to a makeover going on now, but they’re absolutely not going anywhere – love it or hate it. The style was still all over some of the most highly anticipated runways, with the two-piece suit keeping its popularity and being at the height of trends – just as it has for the past two years. Taking the low-rise trend and putting it into the suits gives all the fans of the style a new option: to get a well-tailored appearance rather than a baggy one – so there’s something for everyone now.



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