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Anzhalika Valiuk: My passion for fashion began in early childhood when

Updated: Apr 16

Can you tell us about your journey into the world of fashion and how your passion led you here?

My passion for fashion began in early childhood when I created clothes for dolls. This interest led me to study art and design, and then to opening my own atelier. Fashion for me is a way of expression that allows everyone to tell their unique story.

What role did your art education play in shaping your approach to fashion design? My art education taught me to see beauty in details and understand the importance of color, texture, and form. This knowledge has become the foundation of my approach to clothing design, allowing me to create not just outfits, but works of art.

Being a finalist in prestigious fashion competitions must have been quite an achievement. Could you share some insights into that experience? Participating in prestigious fashion competitions was an important stage of professional growth and recognition for me. This experience allowed me to showcase my work to a broad audience and receive valuable feedback from fashion experts. Being a finalist in such events meant facing high standards and competition, which motivated me to develop my skills and creative approach further. This experience confirmed my confidence in my chosen path and inspired further experiments and the search for new design ideas.

Opening your own Atelier A. Valiuk in 2020 was a significant step. What inspired you to take that leap, and what were some of the challenges you faced initially? Opening my own Atelier A. Valiuk was a long-held dream. It was a challenge, especially during the global pandemic, but my passion for fashion and the desire to create unique items helped me overcome all the initial difficulties.

Creating your brand, Black Angels, in 2023 must have been an exciting endeavor. What motivated the establishment of this brand, and what does it represent to you?

Creating the Black Angels brand was inspired by the desire to offer women something unique and special. For me, this brand symbolizes freedom, femininity, and strength, allowing every woman to feel special.

Your works are often described as a manifesto of your personal design philosophy. Could you elaborate on what that philosophy entails and how it influences your creations?

My design philosophy is based on the belief that fashion is more than just clothing. It is a way of self-expression and self-affirmation. I strive to create things that highlight individuality and boost confidence.

Innovation is a key aspect of the fashion industry. How do you infuse your designs with innovative elements, and what inspires your creative process? Innovations in my models are the result of experimenting with materials, techniques, and forms. I combine lingerie elements such as cups and corsets with dresses and jumpsuits, thereby elevating lingerie and clothing to a new level. This approach allows me to create sophisticated and functional works that serve as both comfortable everyday wear and expressive evening attire. Using these elements, I aim to offer women the opportunity to feel confident and sexy without sacrificing comfort and practicality, allowing me to introduce innovations and create unique items.

Can you share some insights into the distinctive characteristics of Black 9 Angels as a fashion brand? What sets it apart from others in the industry? Black Angels stands out in the fashion industry due to its commitment to creating custom-made clothing. Every item, whether a dress or jumpsuit, is meticulously sewn according to individual measurements, ensuring that our clothing fits perfectly on every client. This personalized approach transforms lingerie and clothing into something truly exceptional, combining elegance, functionality, and personal style. Our dedication to custom-made clothing allows every woman to feel uniquely confident and beautiful.

What challenges do you face as a fashion designer in today's rapidly evolving industry, and how do you adapt to stay relevant? One of the main tasks of a modern designer is to constantly follow trends and adapt to changes in the industry. I try to stay connected with new technologies and materials to keep my creations relevant without changing my style and design.

Collaboration is often important in the fashion world. Have you collaborated with other designers or brands? If so, could you discuss some of those experiences? Collaborating with other designers and brands allows for the exchange of ideas and techniques, enriching my work. Such projects inspire new experiments and open up new horizons. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with God Save Queens, ESOTIQ, Conte, Gaia.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a focus in fashion. How do you integrate sustainability practices into your design process and the operations of your brand? You won't find ready-made products on Black Angels' shelves because we manufacture each item individually according to each client's measurements. This unique approach ensures that we always have your size, guaranteeing a perfect fit and uniqueness for every piece of clothing.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future of your brand and your career in fashion design? In the future, I aim to expand Black Angels' presence on the international market and continue creating clothes that inspire women to feel confident and special. My goal is not just to create fashion, but to make changes in the attitude towards it.

Fashion Brand: Black Angels @black_angels_brand

Fashion Designer/Model: Anzelika Valiuk @designer.a.valiuk

Photographer: Irena Amieljanczyk @amelyanchik_foto

Creative Director: Vitali Valiuk @atelier_a_valiuk



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