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"In 1975, Helmut Newton took a picture of Elsa Peretti with the panorama of New York in the background. The model and jewelry designer wore a bunny lingerie outfit made by Halston. Newton - a master of voyeurism and discovering hidden things - placed his object of interest in the city landscape. Almost two decades later, Kate Moss chose a pack of cigarettes instead of a quilt and went to the Elite Agency party. The photo of a model in a fully see-through slip dress is one of the most iconic images of the 90s. There are many examples from the past, when the line between the intimate and the public was blurred. But it is only in the age of social media that underwear really goes out on the streets, and the taboo is going out of date. These are not times when we would still have something to hide, so the lingerie trend consistently returns to the catwalks in new versions.

For spring / summer 2022 it is extremely tight, short and transparent.

Anyway, in the oneiric vapors of smog, it is easy to confuse day with night. Dreams with reality. Feather-light fabrics flow around the body, lose their focus and tremble in the smoky air. And by dreaming, we can be whoever we want. Gentleness, nonchalance, sensuality - the possible incarnations are endless, just like our fashion playground. Patterned kimono, oversized nightgown or lace slip become fully-fledged clothes and each has its own unique character that sets the tone for the whole outfit. Simply add a belt, choose jewelry, or, like Hollywood actresses of the 1930s, put on a fur coat. And you can go out to the city.

All clothes used in the photo session were pre owned. Some were bought in second-hand shops, vintage shops and flea markets, some were found at and some belong to team members."

Text: Ida Marszałek

Wardrobe Stylist: Ida Marszałek @sentymenty_idy

Photographer: Magda Kowalik @magda_fotografuje

Makeup Artist: Wiktoria Struzik

Model: Kalina Georgiczuk @oczkalinki


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