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Denim: A New Take On That Timeless Piece

The good news is: everything goes right now. You can look fashionable in just about any denim silhouette.

Photographer: @idaniphotography⁠ Model: @roxanaraducu_rro⁠ Makeup: @emauta⁠ Hair: @cozmageorge⁠ fashion stylist: @mirunammiu

To talk about denim may be a very polarizing topic in this community as every person has a unique body and lifestyle needs, so no silhouette could ever be perfect for everyone. People also vary in how much they value dressing ‘trendy’. Some love to try new things and staying on top of the latest trends, while others work hard to find the denim styles that work best for them in more than one way – and chances are that they’re going to stick with those no matter what the trends say. The good news is: everything goes right now. You can look fashionable in just about any denim silhouette, as long as you style them with other modern pieces and wear them with confidence.

Model: @emmyos42⁠ model agency: @edge_agency⁠ Photographer: @rammysohal⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Denim is not a new trend, actually, it has been around for quite a while. It was back in 1873, when we got the first-ever denim style, the Levi's 501 jeans, which was first seem as humble workwear trousers. Now its been almost 150 years and denim has expanded its reach by a lot with a big list of denim fashion trends, and what started as work uniform, is now anything but simple: turned into a real cultural symbol, worn in all places from the wild west to the the silver screen, a closet staple loved worldwide. Investing in the right pair of jeans can make anyone look and feel incredible – and if you choose it right, they’ll last you a lifetime.

To help you find your denim style of choice, we've broken down six of the most trendy ones:


The wide-leg, usually coming in high-waisted styles, is a great way to bring together comfort and elegance. It provides enough coverage for the cold months but also breathability for the warm weather. Consider styling them with a crop top or a V-neck tee to create some contrast.

Maxi Skirts

Those will always look amazing paired with a simple tank or cropped white tee – I can feel the 90’s vibes already. Also giving us the chance to play with different silhouettes and incorporate embellishments, offering a new take on staples denim pieces.

Photographer: @eliana_photography_pl⁠ Model: @___rus_aya⁠ Makeup Artist: @makeantonina⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Carpenter Jeans

Vintage and retro-leaning styles like this kind of jeans were historically constructed with function in mind, they were supposed to be helpful, so it was a case of utilitie over style — they were literally built with pockets and hammer loops to store tools. But today we have the newest, re-upped version of them: a fashion statement spotted on the runways of major designers like Valentino, Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta.

Denim Jackets

It’s time to change your casual blazers for a slightly oversized denim jacket – it will also guarantee to bring a younger and cooler vibe to your outfit. Adding some color blocking and vintage looking patches can also add a little more personality and a great new twist to your usual relaxed denim styles. And the best part? If styled correctly, all denim pieces are seasonless.



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