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Diverse Subjects, One Passion: Kelvin Watkins' Approach to Varied Photography

Can you provide an overview of Kelvin Watkins Photography and the services you offer?

I am mainly a portrait and wedding photographer that ended up building a studio in my backyard.

As a black-owned business, could you share some insights into your journey, and what it means to you to be licensed and insured?

Being licensed and insured gives the business some validity so people realize that you are not a fly by night operation.

What recurring comments or feedback do you often receive from your clients, and how do you ensure a positive experience for them?

It was a lot of fun and He made the photo session that helped put me at ease.

How would you describe your photography style, and how does it contribute to capturing special moments in various settings?

My style is classic I think it is because I started out in the days of film. Seems like classic poses are timeless so that really helps in my portraits.

You mentioned capturing "the real person in the photo" and moments that spark memories. Can you elaborate on your personal goals as a photographer and how these goals influence your work?

I tend to be on the silly side while working with models, plus asking questions about their animals or what they really enjoy doing outside of modeling. That usually helps people forget that they are sitting in front of a camera.

Your portfolio includes a diverse range of subjects. How do you approach capturing such varied subjects, and what challenges or rewards does this diversity bring to your work?

I spend a lot of time looking at other photographer’s work, this helps me learn to work with new people and different situations. I do shoot sports, wildlife, models, and weddings. Pretty much anything. I just really enjoy being behind my camera.

Being internationally published in magazines and featured in galleries across Europe is impressive. Can you share some notable experiences from these international showcases and how they have influenced your approach to photography?

I think for me having my work shown all over the world the biggest thing is don’t rest on your laurels those are the accomplishments that keep me to strive to become a better photographer and person.

You mentioned ongoing study of lighting concepts, shape, and form to enhance your skills. How does continuous learning play a role in your photography, and how do you incorporate new knowledge into your work?

I am always watching videos and trying to learn something new in photography. I think it truly helps my passion continue to grow. I have several models that will come by and I will say I say this and I would like to see how it would work in here/

It's admirable that you assist new photographers in developing their skills. How do you approach mentorship, and what advice do you typically offer to those starting their journey in photography?

I always tell new photographers the first thing is learn your camera, this way you are not fumbling around looking for buttons or trying to figure out how to set something. I also tell them the second hardest thing to learn is how to read light.. Pay attention to shadows and where the light is coming from that will impact there pictures a lot.

Are there specific areas within photography, such as fashion or portraits, where you feel particularly passionate or find yourself excelling?

I am really enjoying the fashion and portrait side of photography right now, In the spring I lean more towards macro photography because that just allows me time with just my camera. I still enjoy shooting sports when I get the chance.

How do you typically collaborate with clients to understand and fulfill their photography needs? What is your approach to ensuring clear communication throughout the process?

I ask a lot of questions, if it is a wedding I usually will have a face to face meeting and go through several lists and photo books that I have printed. But for fashion and modeling I start with what do you want your pictures to say. And we go from there.

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to potential clients interested in Kelvin Watkins Photography, and how can they get in touch with you for their photography needs?

Well they can either contact me on instagram@watkinskelvin or on my website If you want to have fun during a photo shoot without breaking the bank.

I would like to dedicate this article and my submission to a friend that helped me build my studio and was always around for me to bounce my crazy ideas to Scott he recently passed and will be greatly missed.

Photographer: Kelvin Watkins @watkinskelvin

Model: Shay H @shayannhaase



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