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Look around you. Close your eyes. Stop for a moment and breathe.


There is no turning back. The clock hands are constantly turning, everywhere.

There is no going back. The clouds are traveling fast in the sky, no longer blue.

There’s no turning back. Birds don’t sing anymore but rush on dirty roads.

There is no going back. The oily waves are hiding dead coral reefs.

There is no going back. Contaminated soils, toxic air and acid rain.

Too late, it’s too late.

There’s no going back to justify your actions and build excuses on excuses.

The sun burns more every day and the glaciers sink mercilessly.

There’s no going back to pretending it’s not a problem.

Goodbye Earth.

We were too selfish to appreciate your potential.

We were too selfish not to deserve you.

Model: Giorgia Giannini @giannini.giorgia @Thea Meulenberg Casting

Photographer: Kelly Rosa @kellycatches

Wardrobe Stylist: Muriel Roozeboom @murielroozeboom

Makeup Artist: Shannon Galore @shannongalore


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