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Editorial: museum

"The eighth art.

An analogy between fashion and sculpture

Sculpture is the art of sculpting, fashion is the art of dressing and what better way to unite the two arts to commemorate that Valencia is the capital of design 2022.


Fashion represents the change of society,

the transfiguration of the social into the cultural.

“Modernity is the transitory, the fugitive, half of art, whose other half is the eternal and the immutable”

Art and fashion: fusion or encounter?.

Classic, timeless and at the same time so modern come together in this dreamlike and hybrid journey, with looks

captivating and sophisticated monochromes with twists

eccentrics through the magic of accessories."

Photographer: Eduardo Peris @eperisphoto

Makeup Artist: Bs Formacion @bsformacion

Accessory Designer/Creative Director: Brotoco Atelier @brotocostudio

Fashion Designer: Jaime Piquer @jaimepiquer

Sculptor: Maria Gomez

Model: Sandra Monterde @sandramonterde

Model: Birame @birame__

Model: Ana Maria Bermudez @annamariabermudez_model

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