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Encounter with Paula Manosso: Fashion, Style, and Beauty at Paris Fashion Week

In the exuberant whirlwind of Paris Fashion Week, where innovative designs meet timeless elegance, we had the immense pleasure of encountering the influential Paula Manosso. This rendezvous took place in the lively aftermath of Dior's stellar runway show in the city renowned for its passion for fashion, Paris.

Paula, with her impeccable style and radiant presence, has been a significant influence in the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She is known for her sophisticated aesthetic, a seamless blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair. During this exceptional week, where creativity and artistry are the pulsating heart of the city, we delve into the intriguing fashion musings, style philosophy, and beauty insights of Paula.

Fashion and Style

Paula Manosso is synonymous with effortless sophistication, often seen donning pieces that portray her refined sense of style. In Paris, a city known for its rich fashion heritage and avant-garde designers, Paula's fashion choices were a harmonious symphony of chic elegance and modern innovation. Her ensembles were a thoughtful curation of exquisite fabrics, intricate details, and vibrant palettes, reflecting the dynamic essence of the fashion capital.

Beauty and Elegance

Beyond her fashion acumen, Paula's approach to beauty is equally compelling. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a dedicated skincare routine, especially amidst the travels and commitments that come with her dynamic lifestyle. Her radiant skin and polished appearance are testaments to her diligent skincare and beauty regimen, a balance of hydration, protection, and nourishment.


Could you share your skincare routine during your travels?

Absolutely. Maintaining a consistent skincare routine is crucial, especially while traveling, given the effects of different climates and diets on the skin. It’s imperative to adhere to a regular regimen to ensure the skin remains vibrant and healthy.

Which beauty product can you not live without while you are traveling?

A quality thermal water and moisturizer are indispensable. They are foundational in my routine, keeping my skin hydrated and refreshed, essential for combating varying environmental conditions during travels.

How do you maintain healthy and radiant skin with so many commitments and travels?

The key is never to sleep with makeup on and to prioritize thorough cleansing and optimal hydration. Proper skincare is paramount, and I make no compromises on my skincare regime, irrespective of my busy schedule.

Have you discovered any European beauty product or brand that isn’t available in Brazil?

The beauty market is burgeoning rapidly, and major global brands are accessible in Brazil. The extensive availability means there’s no feeling of missing out on European beauty brands or products.

Can you tell us about a beauty trick you learned during your stay in Europe?

Certainly. Integrating sunscreen with a quality facial moisturizer before applying makeup is invaluable. This approach ensures protection from harmful UV rays and offers a hydrated base for makeup, maintaining a fresh and radiant appearance throughout the day.

Paula Manosso's insights into fashion, style, and beauty are a reflection of her sophisticated and thoughtful approach to life. Her experiences in Paris during one of the most celebrated fashion events globally were not only a treat for the senses but also a journey into the intricate tapestry of fashion and beauty philosophies. Paula's radiant presence and sage advice serve as a beacon of inspiration for those who seek to blend elegance, intelligence, and style seamlessly.


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