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Exclusive interview with Laetitia Bouffard-Roupe: new ‘Timeless’ book and upcoming projects

“Photography is simply the art of freezing a memorable moment in time. When the color is removed from photos, time is suspended.”

In a time when most things are done and seen online, we might miss that amazing feeling we have when we can actually hold something like a book or a magazine in our hands. For this reason, it’s great to have people that take this into consideration while producing new things, like Laetitia. The model is now publishing her second photography book ‘Timeless’, filled with high end work and with something new this time: they are all black and white!

To talk about it – and more – MALVIE is pleased to have the opportunity to have her in this interview and to share it with you.

First of all, congratulations on the new book! How are you feeling about the release?

Thank you very much! It feels great to see “Timeless” printed as I have put a lot of time, passion and effort into it. It also feels amazing to know that all these photos are finally existing in a printed form and not only digitally.

‘Timeless’ is not your first book, would you say it is a different sensation now and then?

Yes, it does feel different. I guess it’s a bit like when you are birthing your second child… it’s exciting but different. You already have the experience from the first one so you are more “ready” for it. Overall it’s much less stressful.

Why did you choose to have exclusively black and white photos on this one?

That’s a great question especially when considering that most of my best photos are full-color captures. I chose black and white because black and white is timeless. Photography is simply the art of freezing a memorable moment in time. When the color is removed from photos, time is suspended. In short, the pictures become timeless.

Did you participate in every part of producing the book? If so, do you think this brings you close to your public?

Yes I did! I chose every single photo myself. I have then organized them. Finding the right “flow” was an interesting, fun but complicated task and process. I was also the one consulting closely about all printing details. So yes, I did participate in every part of producing that book.

I’m a fan of things on paper, and I think you are too. But in a time where things are mostly

happening online, why did you choose to put your work in a physical book?

I did it for three main-reasons:

  1. I got tired of the feeling each time when Facebook or Instagram were removing posts or deleting accounts and that the photos were gone.

  2. I also didn’t like the idea that people were only watching the photos I published online for 1/10 of a second while scrolling social media when it actually takes a lifetime of workfrom the photographer and myself to create an art photo.

  3. I liked the idea that a book could be something passed on from generation to generation.

I really felt the need to have more of my work in a paper form.

How did you choose the photos that made it to the book?

It was quite a process! First of all the photos obviously had to be black and white. Secondly, I have been through all the folders of all the shoots I have done since 3 years and chose my favorite black and white ones. Third, I have reached out to all the photographers and asked

them if they would be interested to be featured and for their permission to publish.

How is ‘Timeless’ special to you and what are your expectations for after the release?

Timeless is very special to me as I feel that I think that this book will build a very close community of black and white photo lovers.

Do you already have other projects in mind? What should we expect to see from you in the future?

Yes, I have a few more book projects coming. And other projects which I can’t talk about yet…

The book can be purchased from: Or you can stay up to date on Instagram here:



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