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From Poland to the Desert: Dominika Maziarz on Her Journey to Modeling Stardom and Boho Chic Influence in LA

Can you share your journey into modeling and how you became an influencer based in Los Angeles?

I started my journey with modeling in 2017 when I was attending to commercial photshoots in Poland and working on my instagram profile . Sucesfully I was published few times in magazines . I decided to move to United States in 2022 to grow my model carieere .

What drew you to the boho style, and how do you incorporate it into your modeling work?

Boho style is very popular trend past year and I think is best combination for photoshoot in desert environment

How was your experience shooting in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, and what aspects of the location inspired you?

I love shooting in this location . I think is one of the best national park in United States and was plesure to make shooting there . Beautiful red canyons and inspring views .

At 23, you’ve already achieved significant success. What do you attribute to your rapid rise in the modeling and influencer industries?

I think the most important is being autentic and work hard for your sucess

How do you balance your work as a model and influencer with your personal life?

My work is big part of my life but regardlesss I can find perfect balance between work and personal life . I still finding the time to enjoy my daily basis and travel .

Can you describe a typical day in your life as a model and influencer in Los Angeles?

I wake up in the morning and having my daily matcha latte . I try to work out 4 times in the week . Last time I start enjoying pilates classes . Not every day is busy for me with work so sometimes I enjoy spending time in home or going to the beach .

What advice would you give to young aspiring models and influencers looking to follow in your footsteps?

Good habits are important so eat heathly , workout , use good skin care and never give up with your dreams

What are your future goals and aspirations in the modeling and influencer fields?

Actually I started acting school in Los Angeles and my dream is work in TV in my home country which is Poland , so right now I am focusing on practising my acting skills

Model: Dominika Maziarz @dominika.maz



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