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Invisible Brows: All The It-Girls Are Obssessed With Bleaching Their Brows

Like many others brow trends, bleached eyebrows are contentious and controversial – but yet very much trending. Just like the skinny brows from the 90’s - I’m sure you remeber, saw or even tried it at least once.

Wardrobe Stylist: @soliloque.a⁠ Fashion Designer: @irina.dzhus⁠ Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: @nataliechekati⁠ Model: @valentyna_omela⁠ Photographer: @lukashenko_l⁠ Via @officialkavyar

After we’ve all had what seems like a life-long battle with our eyebrows, wanting them skinny, then fluffy, then soapy and so on, it is now time to deal with a new trend that celebrities are actively hopping in: bleached brows — which now seems to be the most fashionable way to style your arches. Me – and probably you too – being one of the millions of people who has spent hours throughout many years plucking, shaping, microblading and laminating my brows to achieve the thick and perfectly defined brows we were desiring for the past few years, I can’t help but shake my head at the fact that all the most famous and influential people are now going for the invisible look, I kinda feel betrayed, actually: you do this to me after all I’ve been through? But the look is actually giving this weird alien vibe I can grow found of, so here’s everything I know about it.

Photographer: @lucasgatto⁠ Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: @xaviervinicios1⁠ Model: @chrismartins.medro⁠ Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: @anyferrazbeauty⁠ Via @officialkavyar

As we’ve been seeing lately, the trend really dominated all of the fashion weeks and the fashion month in general. Last month, we got to see the look in major brands runway shows, I’m talking Balmain, Stella McCartney and Dries Van Noten. Another big moment for bleached brows was the Versace show, where we had Bella Hadid – the biggest it-girl of the year, if you ask me – and Gigi Hadid rocking the looks. Also, we cannot forget about the fact that more and more celebs have been adopting the controversial beauty style out for the night – and redcarpets, such as Julia Fox, Kim Kardashian – of course – Lizzo, Halsey, the Jenners sisters and many more.

But even though we might be a little shocked by it, reality is that the bleached brow trend had its first – and most shocking – moment back in the 90s as a subculture statement for the rising community of the punks — it was actually often adopted by the sexually-liberated teens of the time. But they didn’t do everything on their own for the trend, and it’s important to recognize the influence of 70s and 80s, specially the drag culture — it’s due to the common practice of applying glue to the brows to block them out and create space for makeup creation, something that is still used today – but we can’t deny that even though drag queens and the punks were responsible for revolutionizing the invisible brow look, it only became popular in the mainstream media and fashion in the 90s, walking almolst alongway with the skinny brows – something that we also started to see on social media a while ago.

Photographer: @rudiuk.portraits⁠ Makeup Artist: @konovalova.mua⁠ Model: @l.braslavska⁠ Hair Stylist: @dary_ganzha⁠ Wardrobe Stylist: @bolelshiza⁠ Via @officialkavyar

To understand and dive deeper into the sudden hype behind the look that’s completely different from the brown trend we were seeing before, them being all fluffly and full, we have to point out that brow trends are not different from the other beauty and fashion trends, so they are cyclical too. Trends have a way of coming to us in specific times, and invisible brows often reemerge to help create a futuristic look – something that goes great with some of the currently fashion trends, like the Alt Girl. Also it’s a way to create something that dramatically changes the proportions of one’s face by making the forehead appear larger and broader, which combined with the disappearance of one of our most primal features, helps create a look that’s very intergalactic –literally, if you remember Katy Perry in the E.T music video – and all that while giving off a high-fashion editorial vibe that will definetely get you some confused – and maybe amazed – looks and a lot of attention.

Wardrobe Stylist: @soliloque.a⁠ Fashion Designer: @irina.dzhus⁠ Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: @nataliechekati⁠ Model: @valentyna_omela⁠ Photographer: @lukashenko_l⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Now, as more and more celebrities keep on experimenting with this trend, you may feel the urge to be a little bold and try it out for yourself. And you want to know the best part? You don’t necessary need to use bleach if you’re not 100% sure about the look. It’s actually not a hard task to recreate the invisible brow look without losing all color on your eyebrows – and risking hating the way it looks on you. If you want to try just to see how it feels, come with me as I teach you how to do it in only two steps:

Step 1: You want to find a really full-coverage matte concealer that truly matches your skin tone – you can also use foundation, but concealer will give you a lot more coverage. The really important part is for it to be a gret match to your skin, because you want it to fully blend in and looks like you’re not using anything. If you want to go deeper and truly match the invisible bleached look, try using a lighter concealer, even better if it has a yellow undertone.

Step 2: Brush a not-so-small amount of concealer – or foundation if that’s your product of choice – through your original brows using a clean spoolie. Wait around for a couple minutes to let it set and dry completely. It’’s important to know that epending on the depth and color of your brow hair, you may repeat this step several times ‘till you reach the look you want. And just like that, once your brows are fully covered, they will look invisible and you can see it for yourself it you like it enough to do the real thing.

And there you go, you’ve got a fake-ish bleached brow to spicy your makeup look.



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