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Jasmine Nicole: There was something inside of me that felt like I had a bigger purpose.

Jasmine is a model and CEO of her own company, but she's also a girl with many dreams and ambitions. We are very happy to talk to her and even happier to share this conversation with all of you!

Hi, Jasmine! We’re very happy to have you, thank you for talking to us! First of all, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me! I’m a professional model, actress and creative director. Featured in Cosmopolitan and Nylon to name a few.

Describe yourself using only three words.

I would describe myself as resilient, motivated and a visionary.

What inspired you to pursue a modeling career?

I grew up in a small city where a lot of people are okay with settling down early and working normal 9-5’s. There was something inside of me that felt like I had a bigger purpose. I wanted to make my mark on the world. I remember visiting LA and NY for the first time on a family vacation as a teenager. I had always been amazed by the fashion world before, but seeing the confidence of the models/actresses gracing the billboards, and all of the advertisement around the city. The hustle and pace of the people, I was in awe of how different it was, how fast things moved. I had never experienced cities like these. I knew after those moments I was going to find away to make it in that world, and that’s when I started pursuing modeling.

When building your name and a brand for yourself, what would you say was the hardest part?

The hardest part in my opinion is consistency, success doesn’t happen over night for most people so you really have to be dedicated and give it everything you got to succeed. There’s a million and one people going after the same dreams as you. I remember the days when I worked a full time job and went to college full time. Every weekend I would drive 8 hours to Los Angeles to build the career I envisioned for myself. I couldn’t afford to live there yet nor was I ready to leave the security of a steady check. But I was tired of the living the simple life and knew my purpose was bigger than the small city I grew up in. I started building my portfolio, networking like crazy, and going on castings. Which started leading to bookings and agencies taking notice of me! When I finally let go of my old life, took that leap of faith, and committed to moving to Los Angeles, that’s when my career really begin to flourish.

Your career has allowed you to travel and see a lot of new places, that’s so great! What was your favorite destination so far and why?

Yes, I moved to Los Angeles less than three years ago. I never would have imaged working in Barcelona, London and Paris too! Barcelona, Spain was definitely a favorite, with the most incredible weather, and the best Spanish food I’ve ever had in my life. The city is absolutely gorgeous, filled with historic architecture and beautiful beaches. It’s a true romance city. Outside of sight seeing, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers and dream brands that made my experience incredibly memorable!

How do you get ready before a job? Do you have any specific rituals or superstitions?

I try to maintain a regular routine that allows me to be ready for jobs whenever they come. Unfortunately the fashion world is not predictable, I could be booked tomorrow with very short notice so I try my best to maintain a morning and nightly skincare routine every day. I also workout a few times a week. I challenge myself by doing hot yoga classes, hiking, and weight lighting in the gym.

Other than modeling, you also run Crave Beauty Studios, your creative agency. What made you start it and what’s your favorite part of running your business?

There have been plenty of times in my career where I was booked as a model and wished I had more control of the actual production. So a couple years ago I realized I wanted to have a bigger voice in the fashion world. One way I made sure of that is by finishing out my college degree, and starting my own creative agency @cravebeautystudios. I now specialize in creative directing, marketing, producing, business management, and social media management. I have a huge love for putting visual presentations together for brands by creating engaging imagery that tells a story. This year I’ve produced and creative directed summer, spring, and fall photoshoots, for several fashion brands, and I don’t plan to slow down. I’ve always had an eye for fashion, visuals and putting the pieces together and now companies are trusting me to take their brands to the next level, that has to be my favorite part!

What would you say is your contribution to the world?

Continuing to share my knowledge and experiences to uplift and educate young people in the industry. That is very important to me.

What else do you want to achieve? What’s next for you?

I’m super excited to be diving deeper into acting. I definitely would love to see myself on the big screens one day. That’s a huge dream of mine! As well as continue to push myself further in the creative directing and production field.

Going all the way from your hometown, Tucson, to Los Angeles, your path wasn’t always easy. What kept you going and what would you say to inspire young people with similar dreams?

I was raised by my super independent grandmother. She taught me to always work hard for the things I want in life and is a huge reason I am the woman I am today. One piece of advice I can give fellow creatives is to never give up on yourself. If you have a vision for your life go after it! Sometimes what we see in ourselves, others can’t see yet. So don’t be discouraged by doubts. I had people tell me I wasn’t going to survive in a city as expensive as Los Angeles. Or how the fashion industry isn’t a sustainable income. I heard a lot of no’s before I heard yes’s. I’ve been told by people in the industry, to change my hair, or that I was too curvy or too skinny. Looking back at those moments it’s an incredible feeling because I never let it stop my dreams. Find a team that really believes in you and what you want for yourself. A team that always looks out for your best interest. Don’t get discouraged if you have to grind alone until you do. Most importantly, I always want to encourage girls at whatever age, at whatever size to embrace who they are and go after their dreams. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want even if it seems out of the ordinary. Study your craft and you will grow.



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