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João Tezza wants to conquer the world with brazilian ceramic

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Tableware has never been so fashionable and the greatest proof of this is the Brazilian businessman João Tezza, known as ''King of Ceramics'' in Brazil, in the interior of the great state of São Paulo, where his industry is located, which in addition to serving the entire Latin American, also exports products to countries such as Australia, França, Arábia Saudita, Greece, Monaco and others.

In an interview, João is careful when talking about international success but knows exactly what he is looking for as next steps: ''We are still small in the world, we have a small international operation that exports to some countries but we are still in the preparation and investment phase to meet the international demand. We are investing in technology’’ said the CEO of Scalla, one of the largest Brazilian ceramics company in tableware.

The CEO also commented that operating throughout Brazil means a practically continental operation. In order to serve the entire country, large-scale production and continuous marketing strategies are needed, as there is great competitiveness. We managed to maintain our leadership in the market due to a series of successful projects consecutively and now we see in exports a new step for our growth and we expect to double our production in the next two years'' said the entrepreneur responsible for operating the digital transformation at Scalla Ceramica , one of the largest producers of ceramic tableware in Brazil.

João is the second generation of his family in charge of Scalla Cerâmicas, which was founded by his father who entered the market manufacturing concrete blocks for construction, but invested in a ceramics machine to start the empire that is now commanded by his son, graduated in Business Administration and Foreign Trade to lead the family business and make it prosper. ‘’I prepared myself for this position from an early age. I worked in manufacturing, sales and logistics while studying in Brazil, so I could really get results running the family business. We highly value traditionalism due to our history, but we are also modern and ready for the high-demand market. We want to explore more in the world the concept of style and design for the moment of being at the table, whether for tea in London or suddenly a traditional dish served in France. Today style is in everything and we have brought fashion to the table’’ said João Tezza, and he also highlighted the fact that the company's success has to do with manual production: ''We grow, but we keep our products being produced by people, so each piece is produced carefully in a handmade way through knowledge and techniques perfected over time. many decades''.

Currently, the company is committed to creating collections of plates, cups and other tableware in the same way that brands create clothing collections, and everything's made to match perfectly with cutlery and other items that also go on the table, so being aware of trends is essential. More fashion than that is impossible right? So add that to partnering with celebrities, artists and even companies and you have the revenue of a company with the potential for global domination.

Recently João closed a partnership with the Brazilian artist Carolina Ferraz for an exclusive line that became an instant success in Brazil, portraying well what the company's next years should be like, getting closer and closer to new markets, new audiences to expand the brand both in its home country and internationally.

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

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