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JOLAH: always listen to the needs of my clients and adjust

You are well known for your unique blend of styles. Can you describe how you developed your signature modern Vogue-classic-fashion-glamour-sensual style with a Hollywood look twist for maternity, woman, business, and couples photography?

Stepping away from old-fashioned styles, I blend modern & advance photo techniques using the best gear on the market with the sexapil of maternity, woman, business and couples shoots, resulting in a unique, extraordinary and eye-catching aesthetic.

I have always been passionate with fashion and Hollywood look. I love to show to an ordinary woman her beauty, feminine and sexuality in the way she can feel and look like a Hollywood Star. We often are overwhelmed by ordinary daily duties, family duties, work "rat race" and forget to take care of ourselves, our feminine side of life. I found that my Vogue-classic-fashion-glamour-sensual style shows perfectly a Woman. It is a message: First, you are a Woman! Beautiful&Sexy! Second, you play a role of mother, expecting mother, wife, lover, sister, daughter, employee, businesswoman.

Transitioning from a corporate career in the EU to professional photography is a significant change. What inspired you to make this shift, and how has your previous experience influenced your work as a photographer?

Yes, the decision came few years ago when I decided to shift and open more my creativity. Mastering a woman portraiture was a natural process. It was easier for me due to the multicultural environment in which I was working before. Brussels is a beautiful place to live. It gives you an open-minding diversity that develops you quickly. Even though it is the European bubble, you know that work-life balance and self-development is crucial in your life. This influenced me a lot and I decided to help my clients to feel good in their bodies, open themself to accept their appearance, to see in their eyes a beautiful, sexy, happy woman, to get the feeling of high self-esteem.

Your studio offers an all-inclusive service that is highly desirable to your clients. Can you elaborate on what this service entails and why you believe it's important for the photography experience?

My studio's showroom is full of beautiful outfits, unique jewellery, shoes, hats and accesories available for my clients. I offer an all inclusive and no limits service which is very desireable by my clients. They don't need to take anything with themselves. You just come and we take care of everything: moodboard, proffessional MUAH at studio, styling, outfits, unique jewellery, shoes, hats and accesories, photosession, no limits in changing outfits or poses, delicious coffee, cappuccino and latte machiatto. This is their time of relax. A photographic spa and a

time when we create "woooow" formula photos.

The aesthetic of your photography is described as unique, extraordinary, and eye-catching. How do you achieve this look, and what role does your mastery of studio lighting techniques play in this process?

I mastered the most innovative ideas of studio lightning techniques and incorporated modern fashion trends into maternity, woman, business and couples portraits enabling clients feel more feminine, beautiful and sexy at every stage of their lives. This enables me to unique, extraordinary, and eye-catching photosessions.

You have a year themed "2024 of a Woman Year" with a powerful message. What motivated you to choose this theme, and what message do you hope to convey through your photography?

This year 2024 is a Woman Year at my studio. I focus on directing to my clients a message:

No matter the role you play in a life, you always deserve to feel like a Woman, beautiful&sexy.

Your studio is equipped with a vast array of outfits, unique jewellery, shoes, hats, and accessories. How does having such a collection contribute to the storytelling aspect of your photoshoots?

With the studio's showroom you can adjust any styling to your client and make many stylings during one photoshoot. I follow the expectations of my clients.

This open my creativity and uniqueness of every session.

Photography, especially in the genres you specialize in, is deeply personal and often intimate. How do you create a comfortable and empowering environment for your clients, especially during such significant moments in their lives?

I always listen to the needs of my clients and adjust the photosession to them. The good cooperation and communication is a key factor. Before the session we have an online contact, filling in the questionnaire, preparing the moodboard and discussing the inspirations so that we know what to expect and how to prepare the photosession. My studio is cosy and well equipped so that we have a separate space for MUAH, changing room and wardrobe and for photoshooting. My clients know that I take care of best posing, styling, lightning setup for them during the photosession.

Your work is well-regarded among TV celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and professionals. How do you approach these high-profile photoshoots, and what do you think attracts them to JOLAH Photography?

I feel always happy that my work is well-regarded and became recognized among TV celebrities, bloggers, influencers and proffessionals last few years. They know that I offer high-level premium all inclusive unique service. We take care of them from the begining, listen to their needs and offer an extraordinary photosession. For the photos from our session I offer unique metal Wall-arts and folio-boxes with passe partout frames which they can present in their homes and offices. I am grateful for entrusting me in their special moments of their lives and coming to my studio for a unique Hollywood Star look photosession.

incorporating modern fashion trends into your work while maintaining a unique style can be challenging. How do you stay ahead of trends, and how do you decide which ones to incorporate into your photoshoots?

Creativity and experience is crucial here. I always have in mind that I aim to show my client more beautiful, sexy and happy.

Every week I buy to my studio new outfits, jewellery and accesories so I open more possibilities to uniqueness of every shot

Sometimes I introspect a styling ahead and wait for a perfect client type. But very often we need to adjust it during the photosession.

Teaching is a significant part of your career through the Maternity and Woman Workshops. What do you find most rewarding about teaching photographers, and what is the core message you aim to impart to them?

By teaching creative art of portrait and studio lighting photography at the Maternity and Woman Workshops (Masters) in my studio

I also encourage other photographers to find their niche and open their creativity. During the workshops we discuss technical aspects of every shot and go throught lightning setups which I found still challenging for many photographers. I help them understand the light.

Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of JOLAH Photography? Are there any new projects, themes, or directions you are excited to explore in your work?

Yes, this year is dedicated for woman in different roles and I plan many projects. Next year it will be the man year.

My plan is also to teach photogs abroad with my maternity and woman workshops. Many inquries were sent to me with locations to visit in 2024 and 2025. I need to consider them and plan travels.

Model: Anna Klimpel @anna.klimpel

Wardrobe Stylist/Photographer/Retoucher: JOLAH Photography

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist:



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