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Julia Nowicka: I’m like a kid in a candy store in front of camera

Photographer: Mariusz Brychcy @mariusz_brychcy
Model: Julia Nowicka @julkaa__n
Makeup Artist: Klaudia Wicher @klaudia.wicher_mua

Hi everyone!

I'm Julia from Poland. My modelling story began about one year ago, when I decided to build my portfolio. I always loved to be photographed so one day I thought „I will try - I want to be a model!”. So I tried - a lot of tfp photo sessions - a lot of time devoted to posing, and what now? I earn money on what I loved! Also I’m so proud of myself being in the magazine.

Can you imagine that this is my second time? Despite the lack of support I got it all striving hard so my dreams come true. Im not a professional model (yet!) so my path is still going on. I think it’s so important to try even if others said that you can’t do it - DON’T GIVE UP and do your best, do what you like, what you feel you should. NOBODY IS YOU - remember!

I’m like a kid in a candy store in front of camera - posing is so natural for me and every time I go to the photo session I feel so excited thinking about new photos, new experience and new people I meet and it always gives me so much positive vibes.

Of course there are also some challenges in modelling - there are always some difficulties - for example you have to learn to trust the photographers, even if you don’t feel so comfortable in some pose you should know that he will do his best to show you from the best side. Also there are one thing I will change in modeling world - faster photo editing by some photographers. But I’m even a little bit grateful, because these all sessions learnt me be patient - after the session, waiting weeks to finally get my photos and also pausing one pose for minutes to let photographers capture the best frame - that learns patience oh yes… So if you haven’t patience and you want to be a model you have to know that you will need it a lot!

My main range of posing is fashion and beauty. I’m so undecided so I can’t choose one best photo or one of the most interesting photo session but you can see a lot of them on my Instagram: julkaa__n or on my portfolio website (with my all measure) on this link also feel free to contact me by mail

I am ready for more, I am not going to stop -

I have been just starting and I am going to achieve my goal.

1 comment

1 Comment

Mariusz Brychcy
Mariusz Brychcy
Jun 11, 2021
It was an amazing experience and work! Many thanks to the girls for working together!
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