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Kendra Johnson: a wanted to grow my own path in the industry

Updated: Mar 22

Kendra, can you tell us about your journey from being a backstage mom to founding in 2020? What motivated you to make this transition?

When my daughter Kierce starting modeling at 4 I volunteered backstage for years to help with kids and keep an eye on her because she was young. I noticed different things happening that could be improved. I use to go home and complain about what I seen, so my mom was like why don’t you write a blog and then I decided to start creating my own platform production so fashion shows could hire me to structure help structure fashion shows for the youth

And that’s when was born

Your company is uniquely named after your daughter, known as Fierce Kierce. Can you share more about her influence on you and how her persona inspired the foundation of your company?

I choose to name my company after my daughter because, One she is a Fierce Model and was given that name at 3yrs old and the number 11 is the year she was born and the #21 is the year I truly decided this was a journey I was ready for Kierce is very focused when modeling she has been my muse she has helped me bring my love & passion for Art and fashion to life. Kierce made me realize that there was a flame in my soul that needed to be lit!!! I also wanted to have a wanted to grow my own path in the industry and not just live through her flame.. She is young and can decide at any given time that she done with modeling. I didn’t want Fierce Kierce to feel like she was obligated to build my dreams I needed her to build her own dreams & goals but know she teaches modeling through our company. And now she understands that fashion is way more than a runway and it is way more .

In the early days, you noticed certain aspects behind the scenes that you believed could be improved for young models. Can you elaborate on some of these challenges and how FIERCE1121Production has addressed them?

Kids need to be protected and parents need to have knowledge of what it takes to provide that protection.

Iam very adamant about structure not just for the modelz but for the DESIGNERZ too

-I created a model bag list that included certain things that all kids modelz should have

- I created the undergarment ideal no kid is to be unclothed at anytime backstage must always have on Black or Nude tank tops and biker shorts … the can be adjusted to any DESIGNERZ outfit to comadate the model

- When creating the production I keep all parents informed by holding at least three meetings before a show Q&A

- I made sure all KIDZ eat before wearing and getting prepared for a show

- I sit and talk to the KIDZ and tweenz about Pacific they may need and set boundaries and rules

- I always make sure the designer has space to breath and create when back stage because there is a lot off pressure for everyone back stage and we all won’t a successful show !!

Lol I can’t share everything but it is a lot to keep structure and a show running on time

And we are all equally important along with the photographers .

FIERCE1121Production is known for creating structured and engaging runway platforms for youth. Can you detail the range of services your company provides and how it maintains consistency and structure in the backend?

I provide:

- Runway classes

-Photo shoots

- Starter packages for new designers

- Theater production for youth

- Sewing classes

- Posing


- Hair

IF YOUR CHILD IS INTERESTED IN ANY ART FORM I WILL FIND AWAY I want our children to stay productive and true to their selfs no matter where they are from.

Self respect and Awareness of self means a lot ….

By the end of 2021, you expanded your brand to include FIERCEZ MODELZ XPRESSIONZ. What prompted this expansion, and how does it complement the vision of FIERCE1121Production?

Hm I smiled when I seen this question : after volunteering for a couple of years and working with so many different parents and receiving positive feedback back. People started noticing how fierce my own child was on the runway etc , and I received positive feedback about my structure and communication skills.. I decided to start training the youth as well

I believe it compliments our company by being able to continue to help grow our youth in my community along with helping a young model improve his or her Unknow talent and builds confidence I have seen kids and tweenz come out there shell and bloom not just in modeling but in other aspects of there life … and be able to speak out in a positive way when expressing what they need and want out here. For instance the model Jade who is featured on the page has bloomed and it shows in her photos and the Runway.

That’s the GOAL the BUILD UP NOT THE TEAR DOWN THEY NEED IT ., We all need it.

Your services are primarily targeted at kids, tweens, and young adults aged 5-24. Why focus on this age range, and what unique needs do they have that your company addresses?

I focus on that age range because those are the ages of discovery, those are the ages when your fighting with yourself about who you are becoming, and it’s a Fight or flight age and what better time to receive a confidence boost, What better time to see and know someone is hearing you

What a better time to have fun and explore opportunities and have adventures without the responsibility of being a full grown adult !!

FIERCEZ MODELZ XPRESSIONZ offers a wide array of classes from runway to design. How do you ensure that your instructors and the content remain top-notch and relevant to the ever-evolving fashion industry?

I do my research

I look for solid opportunities and learning Platforms

I meet a lot of different people in the industry and I ask for the opportunity to come and share there levels of experience

I share referrals

I listen to what my students want and I follow my heart

I listen to the one person who has taught me so much on what to do and not to do that is FIERCE KIERCE her opinion matters to me KIerce goes out on a limb she will travel to different states to walk in shows work with different people just to make sure opportunities stay in our path. We have done shows with just us two to help improve opportunities that’s down too performing and working with




Kierce and I are willing to watch , work, and report what is needed to grow fierce1121production

You’ve mentioned having a "real eye for art and fashion" that's intrinsic to you. How do you incorporate this personal vision into the ethos and operations of your companies?

I believe I incorporate my eye for art and fashion with my thought pattern of thinking outside the box putting my creativity toward knowing that it is always room to experiment… people do not always see your vision and Iam not afraid to show people my vision and I welcome the opinion off others weather good bad or indifferent… I love to push the envelope and create with others as well

Reflecting on your wish to have had guidance in exploring your talents earlier in life, how does this influence your approach to mentoring and guiding the youth in your programs?

great question, I am a listener , an encourager , and a mind builder .. when working with youth you have to have a listening ear… even when you feel like you might be right about something’s because you may already have experience with a similar experience, but the difference is your experience was created in your time zone and adding on to the youths time zone is what helps them take your opinion and actually take action in there own life’s. Being a dominator over the youth doesn’t help them to grow … they already have that in their family (hopefully) so I want to be more of listener and a guider … then the structure of the conversation will hopefully full into place …and diffently doesn’t happen overnight

The quote “YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE TALL TO WALK TALL” is a powerful message. How do you instill this confidence in the young individuals you work with, and how has it shaped the culture at your companies?

Answer: The quote was actually created by Fierce Kierce because she was so young in the model Bussiness but carried a strong presence on the Runway and as a model she started saying She didn’t have to be that average height or look to RIP THE RUNWAY LOL and from their it naturally became more then that it became a way to express strength in anything you apply your self to in life

Since its inception, FIERCE1121Production and FIERCEZ MODELZ XPRESSIONZ have undoubtedly had a significant impact on many lives. Could you share a few success stories or transformations that stand out to you?

I will use Kierce as a example , Kierce was diagnosed with ADHD in Kindergarten age 5yrs and then in second grade Dyslexia

Kierce was un focused and was experiencing a lot of self doubt about herself because she processed almost everything differently then other KIDZ she was around and I noticed she would Shi away from even playing board games or things she had so try figure out or breakdown …she didn’t know how to apply her thoughts. When we got into modeling it created a stimulating platform for her she had to focus, her creativity started to bloom , her confidence started to bloom .. and therefore she became able to apply it to her school work and became not afraid of other knowledge she could gain all around the bored …dont get me wrong she still struggles but Modeling , creating, gaining friends, and trusting herself , and knowing her learning disabilities created all of her strengths and I believe it’s more to come. Her story was not just for her I have seen this change in so many others as well and that is some of what makes us a team

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the growth and development of your companies? Are there new initiatives or expansions you are particularly excited about?

Yess, Collaborating with more expiring artist

Collaboration with more small Bussiness

Expanding the knowledge to the youth though my community center

Creating my own clothing line by creating with youth & Kierce Gray (The Muse) she diffently has something to share … and the backing to help her to create in what ever she choose TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK , REFERRAL REFERRAL, THERE NO I IN TEAM LOL …

Thank you, FIERCE1121production




GLAM TO GLOW ( gold oufit)

Model: Jade Witherspoon @jadexaniyah_

Model: Kierce Gray @fierce_kierce9

Wardrobe Stylist: Kendra Johnson @fierce1121production

Photographer: @fierce1121production

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Muhammad Farhan Qolbuna
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What realization did the author have about themselves through Kierce's influence?

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