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Love Detective: Carolina Lekker

Who is Carolina Lekker? A model is making a fortune off suspicious women by putting their boyfriend's loyalty to the test by sending private messages to see if they will be up for an affair. Carolina Lekker, who once appeared on the front cover of Playboy Africa, claims she refunds the money to female customers if their man "passes the loyalty test" by turning her down. Lekker, who lives in Barcelona, explained her method to catch potential cheaters, saying: "I contact them first on Instagram and wait for them to respond.

I keep making conversation until the conversation gets hotter." The model continued: "If after a lot of talking he wants to meet with me, I get the money and he doesn’t pass the loyalty test." Carolina Lekker told Daily Star that she has been charging women up to $2,000 to help weed out cheating boyfriends. Despite the occassional refund when a man doesn't agree to meet with her, her 'services' usually turn in a tidy profit, which goes to show that the women hiring her usually are right to suspect their partners. The model said: "If he doesn't fall for my chat, I return the money." The model claims to have made more than $10,000 so far from the honeytrap scheme, which she plans to spend on having more cosmetic surgeries.

Agency: CO Press Office - CACAU OLIVER @cacauoliver

Photographer: Glauber Bassi @glauberbassi

Model: Carolina Lekker


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