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Lumiere Runway Fashion Show: Hollywood Glamour

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Meler Productions and Lumiere Runway gave us a new Fashion Show, this time it took place at the Bel Air Mansion in Los Angeles, and was themed after the Hollywood Glamour. The show, hosted by Steven Allerick, had an absolutely beautiful set where nine amazing designers presented their collections.

Among the designers, we had Sara Rose with ‘face fashion’, in which the models wore simple outfits, so all of our attention would go to their heads and faces, beautifully dressed in Sara Rose’s garments.

We got to see Naid’s Fashion too, a beautiful collection with vibrant colors that is more than fashion, it is culture. What a privilege for us to get to see the designer’s African heritage presented with such love and beauty.

Elegant Essentials showed us how to be delicate and powerful at the same time. Clothes in soft colors and lots of tulle mixed with garments and transparencies gave the collection the calm but bold sensation we all need now.

Next up we got Couture Aprons, that presented a collection full of personality where more is very much more, with a lot of different prints and embroidery, each piece alone is already an entire look.

Stephano Musa told us a story about what is it like to have a muse in his collection for Freedom Fashion by Stephano Musa. Inspired by a ‘beauty queen’, he used the right colors in the right way in every piece, bringing life and passion to the show.

The next designer was Verita Couture, a brand dedicated to empower women in whatever clothes they choose to dress, so the collection gave us classic chic with a touch of luxury that was just the right amount. All of the models for Verita Couture were wearing masks, which added a mistery that made it impossible to look away.

Good thing we were in Los Angeles, because High Status Co. screams Hollywood. Shiny fabrics brought to life stunning luxury pieces that belong to the red carpets.

And last but absolutely not least, we had Donna Leah Designs with a collection that makes you wanna go out and have the time of your life. Neon colors and great attention to the details of every look is like an invitation to the best party you would ever go.

The show was supposed to present ten designers, not nine, but Mark Taylor from Mark Taylor Designs had their designs stolen just before the show. An unfortunate event that left us wondering what great contribution he would give to the show. We are all very excited to see it next time.

Meler Productions and Lumiere Runway provided us an amazing fashion experience, but it was also way more than that. We got to see diversity, we got to see culture and we got to see passion. Can’t wait for next time.



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