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Make It Shine! - But Still Be Able To Go Out On Daytime

For this year - and see how I didn’t say ‘season’ here - we’re living in some kind of duality. ‘

Makeup Artist: @iamvickeylee⁠ Photographer:@shannonbrightphoto\⁠ Model: @jiselleava⁠ Via @officialkavyar

And how is that?’ you might ask, as I kinda was hoping you would do so I would get the chance to talk about it a little bit more and pretend I haven’t been taking every single opportunity to talk Fashion again - but again that’s literally my job. I got a little off topic here, let me go back to it: the fashion duality we’re living in.

Makeup Artist: @iamvickeylee⁠ Photographer:@shannonbrightphoto\⁠ Model: @jiselleava⁠ Via @officialkavyar

The way I see it, at the same time that we’re still holding on to that nostalgic feeling that has been growing in our hearts for the past two years or so, we’re also getting ready to face the future - and we’re even excited about it. Back in 2020 when the pandemic hit and we had to go through lockdown season, it was only natural that we would let go of thinking so much about our clothes and appearance, and we got very comfortable with not being dolled up. I mean, there was a lethal virus out there and even work was from home, so really what was the reason. And that’s why neutral tones, jumpsuits, tank tops and other simple pieces like that became so popular.

However, it’s been years now, and we are not used to keeping trends around for so long, as much as the reason why they started was so unusual, to say the least. The pandemic ended and we got all about dressing like everyday was a party - and it actually felt like an event every single day. There was glitter here and there, sheer fabric all over ourselves and runways, golden pieces and all things festive, and we were very satisfied for a while, not even wanting to think about being just comfortable. But after a while, we remembered how we got so comfy in our pijama-like clothes… And now it’s hard to let go of it.

Makeup Artist: @iamvickeylee⁠ Photographer:@shannonbrightphoto\⁠ Model: @jiselleava⁠ Via @officialkavyar

But we’re only human and sometimes we want it all - and what a great thing that sometimes we can really have it. That’s where we find what is set to be one of the greatest trends of 2023: matching everyday clothes with festive, night out like pieces. Imagine a basic white tee or tank top - if you want to look cooler - with a metallic shirt. Or matched with blue jeans, but with a gold jacket on top of it all. All the basic part of the look will be gone, but you can still wear it to lunch with friends at 1pm on a Wednesday without attracting too many side eyes. It is, literally, the best of both worlds.



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