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Maya Chancelade: You can tell many stories through make up

Maya, how did your carrer begin in the world of beauty?

The way you can change a face with make up have always intrigued me. I’ve always been a freelancer for over 15 year so incredibly self taught in nature. As a Waldorf Steiner student I’ve been heavily immersed within the art world world and overtime found out which art form I was most drawn to.

Looking back, how has make-up artistry changed or influenced you as a person?

Make up has allowed me to create images that float around my head without limits. It challenges my artistry and gives me the platform to express my creativity.

As an MUA it’s our job to help to the creative director & photographer in bringing their vision to life. MUAs are essential in completing the entire look together. You can tell many stories through make up and that’s why the partnership between an MUA and photographer & creative director is so vital.

Why is having an MUA essential to a photographer? What can you provide to help a photographer's images stand out?

The camera is completely different eye, unlike our own eyes it picks up things that we don’t see in everyday life. We can play with textures, light, shade, shine. It’s completely limitless.

What area of the makeup industry is your favorite and why?

Every branch of make up brings something new and exciting. Within editorial, I get to play with looks that you don’t see every day. With screen work I bring it all back with lightness and naturalism and with stage you form bonds with the characters/actors that go hand in hand with the looks as they are incredibly unique. So to answer your question I simply cannot choose as they all fulfil my artistic needs in different ways.

Maya, what is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you had as a freelance artist? What's the project you are most proud of?

My most challenging moment was keying my first movie. The responsibility falls on you to execute and make sure your team executes the directors vision perfectly. And my ongoing proud moment is definitely staying relevant in an ever changing industry. Especially in the age of social media, trends and artists are in and out daily so to still be a successful make up artists after 15 years is a personal achievement.

In your opinion, what are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup?

Thinking that there are rules that need to be followed in make up.

What are your tips for maintaining a youthful appearance?

Skincare in my eyes is the most important foundation for your make up. A solid base will deliver a flawless make up look. And sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!!!! Even when there’s no sun protect your canvas.

Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing makeup?

I’ve been lucky enough to have many memorable moments that it’s hard to narrow it down to one, but, I will say whenever I get the chance to work with someone who’s career I admire like Nana Mouskouri, Janine Debique etc Moments like that are career highlights for me. And also being their for new artists when they’re at the beginning of their amazing journey.

What do you think are some of the keys to being a successful makeup artist?

Everyone has different tools in their personal toolkits to success. Mine are passion led, make up isn’t a financial career. You have to always remember the artist inside of you. Never stop wanting to learn more about your craft. Remain present, listen and stay creative.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

Follow my looks on my social media links

Photographer: Marie De La Chanterie @mariedelach
Makeup Artist: Maya Chancelade  @mayachancelade
Model: Jade Faye @jade.faye @Metropolitan



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