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Pretty In Pink! - The Color Is Everywhere

"While it’s considered super delicate, pink can also be fierce, punk and powerful."

Photo: @wingolin2008 Cr Dir: @danneynew1106 Stylist & MUA: @xiaochenge0205 Hair: @meng.beautiful Via @officialkavyar

We know this season is all about bright, vivid colors, but there’s one that’s really catching our eyes lately: pink. Pink in all tones and shades is being spotted all over social media, street-style, stores and runways, from pastel to really bright and shiny – we’ve all seen the latest Valentino Fashion Show, right?

One thing is for sure: pink might be the most divisive of colors. Among the likes of Madame de Pompadour and Doja Cat, it inspires something close to obsession in some people. In others, it seems to inspire something more like revulsion, since the color has been designited as the most ‘girli’e of all. The point is, love it or hate it, we can all agree that pink has power. The color tantalizes with its wild incongruity: while it’s considered super delicate, pink can also be fierce, punk and powerful.

Photographer: kanakokeke @kel7ang Model: Gong Shengfang Makeup Artist: Lulu Wardrobe Stylist: Luya Via: @officialkavyar

The color is having a big moment now, but it’s not new in Fashion. Actually, there’s a lot of history between these two. Let’s start from the begginig: the story of pink in Europe begins as a genderless color, associated with ideas of elegance and aristocratic splendor. That idea only started to change in the late-19th century Industrial Era, when men shifted to primarily donning black or other dark colors and women stayed colorful.

Throughout the centuries, pink has assumed a big range of guises, from Barbie's dresses to the saris of the Indian vigilante group, the Gulabi Gang. The way it is perceived by society has also changed a lot over the years, being considered feminine, erotic, sophisticated and even transgressive.

Stylist & Photo: @paulamshootings Model: @carlavalero_ Diseñador: @oceeanemineo MUA: @b.angelz peluqueria: @silvimonroy Via @officialkavyar

But in the moment we’re living now, as said by Pierpaolo Piccioli, designer of Valentino, ‘Pink is the liberation from the need to depict the world in a realistic way’. It’s the escapism of fashion in its purest form, something so big that you don’t need much to feel free. If you really think about it, this trend might be the coolest, most inspiring one, we had in the last years.

So there’s no time like now to put on your best pink outfits for Spring and jump on this trend – I know I’m more than ready for this.



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