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Sheen Yap: I've learnt to embrace the imperfections as that is what makes us unique

Tell us your story, how did you get started modeling and where is your home at the moment?

It has only been less than a year ago that I had the opportunity to participate in collaborative photo sessions around Montreal, Canada. I have always loved photography but prefered staying behind the lens rather than in front of it. It is always good to step outside our comfort zone once in a while, so when a friend encouraged me to try new things that was how it started!

Tell us more about yourself. What else do you do next to modeling?

I have always enjoyed being in the creative field and made my career in the visual effects industry. I also thoroughly enjoy photography as a hobby and previously did wedding photography part time. In a nutshell, I love anything artistic and creative and spend quite a bit of time behind a computer screen making both still and moving visuals.

What do you love most about being a model? And, what do you least enjoy?

I love how something conceptual can be brought to life alongside talented professionals from makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers.

It's always wonderful to see the final images and know the amount of work that goes behind that single shot. I also enjoy meeting new people and exploring locations.

I least enjoy it when it's cold or windy and pretending it's not, I really have respect for any models who have braved the cold!

What is the most challenging being a model?

The challenges for me personally are dealing with insecurities especially not being the typical model physique. I always had a mis-conception that models had to be tall and thin however in the process I've learnt to embrace the imperfections as that is what makes us unique.

If you could change something in the modeling world, what would it be?

I would try to encourage more sustainable fashion. Bringing attention to alternatives such as vegan leathers, recycling materials and other more ethical methodology to creating clothes and make up products.

Fashion designers and models influence the next generation and it would be incredible if we can all somehow make an impact to better ourselves and the world we live in.

What fuels your imagination and provides you with inspiration?

Early morning walks where everything just looks beautiful and serene. The colours of the sunrise and being outside with nature provides a nice place for new ideas and thoughts.

What keeps you excited about life in general?

Travelling and exploring new cultures and places. Trying new things, I challenge myself to pick up something new every month and it's really been something fun and exciting to look forward to.

Looking back how has modeling experience changed your personal/professional life? Have you grown more comfortable with yourself since you have started?

It has made me a more confident version of myself (after a few photoshoots!). I was never happy with the way I looked for a long time. Growing up internationally and moving around countries throughout my childhood, it was always hard to fit in as an asian female in a western society. Alot of insecurities developed throughout the years as I didn't want to stand out or be different. However, since starting modelling I've learnt that it's okay to stand out and be different.

What kind of life would you like to have?

A life lived to it's fullest every day. To not be complacent and remember to enjoy every moment!

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

I'm mainly on instagram : @shinysheenz or come by my photography website to see what I get up to in my spare time

Photographer: Illia Afanasiev @illia.afanasiev
Model: Sheen Yap @shinysheenz
Makeup Artist: Veronike B.
Model: Stella @stella.jb
Model/Creative Director/Dancer: Ballet Pop-Gorn


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