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Slim cuts for 2022: are oversized clothes getting out of date?

Photo & Cr Dir: @flaviaraddaverophotographer MUA: @luanadpro Model: @ionamgd Stylist: Firm Via @officialkavyar

The oversized style – that you either love or hate, there’s no in between – has been one of the biggest trends since 2020, when the biggest goal of most designers and brands was to make clothes that were comfortable and cozy. It worked great, due to the circunstances we were living in, but things seem to be changing now.

In the Copenhagen Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2022, the leading fashion week on the Nordics, that just ended last Friday, the street style really got our attention. Most outfits were bold, creative and colorful. But one especific thing got our eyes: there were not many oversized pieces there. After seeing them in almost every fashion event, that’s something worth thinking about. Can be 2022 be the year that slim cuts are coming back?

Photo & Cr Dir: Stylist: @thefashionhotline MUA: @jiefanbeauty Hair: @alanmoe Model: @its.vechung Via @officialkavyar


And if you look back at the latest Resort collections, that happenned earlier this year, it kinda makes sense. Most houses did present designs that we’re not even close to oversized. It was actually the opposite: slim dresses, mini skirts and crop-tops. And that’s what we got to see in the street style ever since.

So, as far as we can see, it looks like the oversized clothes are going back to the drawers for a while and it’s time to shake the dust out of the slim cutted pieces!

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