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Spring 2022: is it too early to talk about it?

2021 is coming to an end, and as it comes faster than we think, happily, it means we’ll soon be able to get a fresh start - with lots of fresh Fashion trends to look forward to.

While we have no idea what is waiting up on us on the next months in other aspects, we do have some insight into what everyone will be wearing for it. Here are some trends we saw all over the spring 2022 runways - and that you can get started experimenting at this very moment.

Model: @cynthialinnet Photographer: @leosanchez_photo Makeup Artist: @ruthzuniga.cosmo Via: @officialkavyar

From revivals – did I fell a 60’s vibe? - to classic favorites, next season is all about being authentic and playful, thinking about our hopes and dreams for the future. It’s redefining the shape and sense of style and is driven more than ever by ecological awareness and new commitments, that are really important to the newest consumers, our powerful Gen Z. Here is a style lesson in new – and some not-so-new – trends, put together for you to start off 2022 just right.

Even More Cut-Outs

Cut-outs showed up, became one of our favorite things for a moment, and then they entered a very short hiatus just to come back even stronger next season. Thankfully, it’s a hot one.

Photo: @dariiasoroka Agency: @selectivemgmt Model: @mariorlova01 Photo: @dariiasoroka Stylist: @ali.zilanova MUA: @lenaishchuk Via @officialkavya

Skirt Suits

There they are, our beloved 60’s are back and renewed. Skirt suits were all over the runways and will be all over the streets in a few months.

Photo & Cr Dir: @fernandoxarango Model: @sarah__boudreau MUA: @gabyglamz Hair: @joelstyled Via @officialkavyar

Low Waist

Love it or hate it, low waist made its full comeback now. But I mean, after all the love we gave to the Y2K Style, we should’ve seen this coming.

Photo: @juan_santosphoto Stylist & Photo: @romanxvvii Model: @guillerminaleissa Stylist: @casadimexico MUA: @ivonbg Fashion: @brendaduran_mx Fashion: @we_are_mamacitas Via @officialkavyar

Beachwear, everywhere

Hot temperatures will bring us all to the nearest pools and beaches, so why not use the same clothes when we get back from there?

Photo: @greg__cunningham Model: @isabellgiardini MUA: @vc_makeupartist Stylist: @suki718stylist Retoucher: @retouch_skopi Via @officialkavyar

White monochrome

Even though we are expecting creative color combinations, there’s one that is quite the opposite, but will be there for sure: all white looks.

Photo & Retoucher & Cr Dir: @its_gireesh MUA & Hair: @joyz_mridula Stylist & Stylist: @stylevedaofficial Model: @hennabella_4 Fashion: @resvin_anwar Via @officialkavyar



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