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Summer is knocking on our door!

And here’s everything you need to know to be a real fashionista!

June is here,and we can already feel the temperature going up, which means summer is finally about to start. To celebrate this moment, we looked back at the collections from our favorite designers, presented in the last Fashion Weeks, and chose some of the coolest trends that are going to dominate the year’s hottest season all around Europe, and here’s what we found:

The Black & White Combo

The most famous combination of colors is always a safe bet, but right now it is really all you need! This season will be filled with monochrome and biack and white looks, in all shapes in styles. Black pants with white blazers or maybe long dresses in the color duo, however, it will be your go-to look.

Maxi Dresses

Dresses that go all the way down to the floor? Yes please! Specially if it’s a romantic floaty one. Every color is a great color when we’re talking about this dresses, but hear me out: green is a big favorite and it looks awesome on the outside.

Baggy Pants

All of these working-from-home days really gave us a new perspective in style and now we know: the most important thing is to be confortable. We had skinny jeans, then we had mom jeans, and now it’s time for the baggy jeans to shine.


Summer is for energy and colorful looks, and what’s better than stripes to give us what we need? Yes, they are here to stay. Stripe tops, stripe dresses and even stripe blazers, everything is valid now

Shiny Fabric

It’s been a long time since we could go to clubs and partys wearing our favorite outfits, and we really miss it – I know I do. So to have a little feeling of normality, that’s what we doing: shining in every possible event. A picknick at the park? Add a shiny croptop – or maybe a bralette, they are totally back too.

It is up to you how to style your outfits and what to dress everyday, but I promise you can’t go wrong with these tips. Adjust it to what fits your style the most and have fun with your clothes this summer!



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