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The Brazilian Queen of curly hair: Fabiana Lourenço

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Fabiana Lourenço, from Campinas, a city near of São Paulo, never imagined that her passion for curly hair would introduce her to the world. With more than 20 years in the beauty market, Fabiana started as a hair stylist in her city, opened her own space and became a reference in the country over the years.

As she improved her work and grew up as the owner of a beauty business, Fabiana saw other paths from the minute she got to know people, their insecurities, uncertainties, prejudices and low self-esteem. She saw in these weaknesses a path to work with an impact on society, not only in beauty, but also dealing with issues where a place of speech and ownership is needed to act.

As a wife, woman, mother and businesswoman, Fabiana created a system and today she teaches hundreds of people, from Brazil and the world, especially women with curly hair, to achieve their goals in hair aesthetics and especially to reinforce self-esteem and self-love. .

Fabiana's techniques and teachings transcend barriers and borders. In addition to actively directing her beauty business in Campinas, she is also the director of her school for new professionals, who, like her, will work in the sector based on their knowledge and perspective on beauty free from prejudice for all people.

Among Fabiana's students are professionals who travel from Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and Africa to learn her techniques for curly hair and also for questions of self-esteem, self-identification and acceptance.

For the future, Fabiana has a ready vision. In an interview, she said: “My differential has always been the special care for curly hair. Today I want to take to the world the discussion about the freedom of women to live their natural hair, love it and be beautiful. I put my trajectory in favor of these women. We are working on future plans that involve Fabiana Lourenço operations and franchises throughout Brazil and even internationally in the long term. This is a mission,'' said the expert.

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Photographer: Leandro Torres

Model/Hair Stylist: Fabiana Lourenço @fabianalourenco_


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