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The Art of Fashion, the Depth of Beauty

Media Kit

MALVIE is so much more than a fashion magazine, but is an art piece that takes you through a transformative aesthetic journey. MALVIE is a reference guide for personal style and is expected to inspire rather than dictate. We encourage people to pursue individuality and uniqueness therefore we give our contributors the freedom an artist deserves.

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MALVIE Magazine was established in 2020 by Marius Ciobanu in France as a full-service creative magazine within the fashion and beauty industry.

MALVIE exists as an international platform to promote the best up-and-coming photographers, models, brands, designers, and artists from all over the world and bring them the recognition they truly deserve. Within each issue, we showcase the splendor, beauty, and philosophies of our world.

Just say 'Oui’ and enjoy the luxury and the quality so desire in a magazine.


Our journey starts with our mission, which is enduring value. Great content doesn't just happen, it needs to be produced, discovered, and brought to people.


We seek to celebrate our differences and discover what brings us together. We believe that you are the foundation of this community, creating original and daring content. There are no limits to our imagination. Our ambition to inspire the world is relentless.


Our legacy will be one built on creating community through connection and collaboration. Join us on the journey.


MALVIE vision has always been filled with optimism and remains relevant. 


With over 40000 artists published in such a short few years, we strive to become the international leading fashion and beauty magazine that provides a better today for our audience through our revolutionary content and memorable experiences.

Our curatorial expertise and award-winning approach to storytelling are unparalleled. We feature and collaborate with a community of both emerging and established talent that shares these values and pushes us forward.

Our Platforms

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Reach your target market in an elegant and effective way

By working together with talented artists, we offer a unique way for people and brands to get the full experience from every page we put in our magazine

Digital & Social

Promote your brand/images on our website and social accounts!

Digital & Social plan feat.:

  • $50 USD - Insta story post 

  • $95 USD - Insta story post + Swipe up to your website/product

  • $110 USD - Social media post + tags + description

  • $150 USD -  Digital Cover + Web Feat.

  • $180 USD - Digital Cover + Social Media + Web Feature

  • $200 USD - Interview + Social Media Feat.


Promote your brand/images in MALVIE Print Edition!


Advertising plan features:

  • $300 USD - 1/3 Page

  • $500 USD - 1/2 Page

  • $650 USD - Single Page / Full Page

  • $800 USD - 2 Pages Spread / Double Page

  • $1400 USD - 4 Pages Page Advertorial Campaign 

  • $1800 USD - 6 Pages Page Advertorial Campaign 

  • $2200 USD - 8 Pages Page Advertorial Campaign 

Cover Feature

Promote your brand/images on the COVER of MALVIE Print Edition!

Cover plan features:

  • $1500 USD - BACK COVER in One of Our Editions and up to 2 Pages Spread

  • $2500 USD - BACK COVER in the MAIN ISSUE and up to 2 Pages Spread 

  • $3000 USD - FRONT COVER in One of Our Editions and up to 2 Pages Spread

  • $6500 USD - FRONT COVER in the MAIN ISSUE and up to 2 Pages Spread 

Printed Issue Covers

We are proud to have some of the most well-known and respected artists – but we love to help new artists and brands too. There’s a beauty to the tangibility and exclusivity of print. We are in the game, in a big way, and are ready to partner with you.

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Ari Fletcher

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Lynnie Marie

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Quiggle Ignocio

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Yemi Alade

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Join over forty thousand happy artists!

MALVIE is a French Magazine launched in 2020. In such a short few years, we have published over 40000 artists


We have editors and contributors in twenty countries who trade and live in the world's fashion capitals and are on the front lines of Style and Substance. MALVIE is proud to showcase the work of emerging designers, photographers, artists, brands, movers, and doers and highlight them in the global spotlight.

Feedback from our published artists

Han Siu.jpg

Han Siu

"Thank you so much for the great work! We are so pleased with the cover design, and also all the inside pages. It was an honor to be a part of Malvie, and we hope to do it again in the future! Thank you again!"

Jhow Ferso .jpg

Jhow Ferso

"Thank you very much, I love the treatment and attention you have with the collaborating photographers. In this and in many other ways you are one of the best magazines on this platform."

Chloe Pitterson .jpg

Chloe Pitterson

"Thank You so much! Your team did a phenomenal job with designing the cover and the inside story. I love it! I can't wait to share this with my community"

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Inquiries? Get in touch.


Choose a better experience!

Advertise, get published, and enjoy the luxury and the quality so desire in a magazine

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