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4 W -Whenever_Wherever_Whoever_Woman

I‘ve thought a lot about you. I looked for clothes that could make you special wherever you go. I dressed you almost to the point of overwhelming you and you, proud, emerged radiant. I took from your wardrobe, what gave you confidence and strength anytime; it was nice to see how you could feel yourself. I found clothes for whoever, but you contradicted me: they were for you. You looked at me and said with your eyes, „I am“. At that moment I saw one Woman, 4 Women, 100 Women. I saw how wonderful you are.

Photographer: Vanessa Thiel @vanessathielphotography

Assistant/Photographer: Frieda Güttler @fg.frieda

Model: Elisa @ellililie @mugamodels

Model: Edda Ophelia @eddaophelia @indeedmodels

Makeup Artist: Fabienne Lunden @lunden_maskenbild_design

Stylist/Assistant: Eliton De Barros

Assistant/Makeup Artist: Laura Moeser

Model: Regina @reginacalifornia @m4models

Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Leonardo Paoli @leonardopaoli_styling

Model: Lucie Märtens @luciemaertens @IZAIO


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