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A Maia, an icon of style and beauty for the 21st century.

Born in Juiz de Fora, a city in the state of Minas Gerais, southwestern Brazil, Marcella Maia, better known as A Maia, has an illustrious career. Moving against the majority, A Maia was first successful outside her country, making her debut on Hollywood soil in the movie “Wonderful Woman”. Even before that, the artist had a significant trajectory of international works in Europe and the USA.

With a triumphant return to Brazil earlier this year, A Maia was cast in one of the main roles of the soap opera “Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor!”, produced by the main television network in Latin America, one of the channels with several Emmy awards International Entertainment.

A Maia, who already played one of the Amazons in the movie “Wonderful Woman”, is on Globo TV, in “Quando Mais Vida, Melhor!” in the role of Death, a central character in the plot, antagonist who changes the fate of the four protagonists of the novel. Maia appears under ostentatious special effects and her appearance has caused euphoria in the audience. Contrary to what was expected of a lugubrious character, A Maia brought lightness to the role and enchanted the audience. After the premiere of the novel, the artist went viral on the internet with her character, being the target of many curious and admired memes and comments.

A Maia is constantly reaping the fruits of an early career. She was recently one of the attractions of one of the main fashion weeks in the world, the SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week), in which she was invited by the stylists of Meninos Rei, from Bahia, as a highlight of the collection. The artist has experience both on stage and on the catwalks, and was able to demonstrate this with aplomb by shining in this latest SPFW.

Parallel to this, A Maia has her singing career emerging in numbers. About a year ago she released her first single “Pra Da Dolce Bacana”, and since then, adding her last five singles, there are almost a million views on YouTube alone. This year the singer released “Bad Girl Ressaca Humana” and “Di Amantes”, in which she signs the production and artistic direction. The artist is still preparing another release, this time international, with the Portuguese-Brazilian singer Blaya, an artist who has already been covered by Anitta, a Brazilian artist with absolute success in the world, and Madonna.

Despite all the characteristics of a girl ahead of her time, who also shows herself as a fashion icon, and who easily transits in several famous media around the world, A Maia goes beyond what can be understood as “it girl”. Due to her attitude and her true immersion in her productions and artistic works, A Maia also reframes the concept of beauty for a more open and progressive 21st century. As a trans artist, who artistically works for the cause and bases her career autonomously and consistently, A Maia is what we can genuinely call a complete artist.


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