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An uncomfortable woman

"A complex personality is attentive to everything, and a facade is enough for superficial people. "

Miuccia Prada

"An uncomfortable woman always chooses herself, takes care of her condition sensitively! Protecting herself, she takes care of those who are nearby.

Her charm fascinates, her look fascinates, she is always different: unpredictable, mysterious and interesting.

Having a rich inner world strives for harmony and balance.

Without hesitating to express emotions, doing unpredictable things, taking risks, she is real in her manifestation.

She always knows what she wants. She hears herself and does exclusively what she considers necessary and absolutely does not depend on the condition and mood of a man, does not adapt to a man and he loves her for it.

Has a sense of self-worth, sees the meaning of life and loves life! She is interested in her own life! She makes it herself!"

Creative Director/Model/Fashion stylist/Fashion Producer: Ksenija Beliaeva @bk.stilist

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Blackroza @stilistroza

Photographer: Galina Borisova


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