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The 'Anaemia Collection' was inspired by Sickle Cell Anaemia, an inherited blood disorder that affects the red blood cells and causes pain crisis. This is a health condition that the fashion designer Barbara was born with and inherited through both parents who carried one of the Sickle Cell genes. The goal for this collection was to highlight the Sickle Cell condition in a beautiful artistic form and hopefully build awareness.


The designer's choice was a lace base fabric in a flesh coral tone to represent the inside of of the human body. She chose a 3D irregular circular Shibori technique to represent the journey of the red blood cell through the blood stream. She incorporated organdie roses in multiple shades of red to represent the good red blood cell. The prototype she designed was a silhouette similar to the shape of a Pheonix.

"Like a Pheonix rising from the ashes a new life is born".

Photographer: Mark Edet @markedetphoto

Fashion Designer: Barbara Biosah @atelier_dumebi

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