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Carine Felizardo, our fitness lifestyle model

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Carine Felizardo (@carine.felizardo), 36, is a fitness model, influencer, businesswoman and beautician. Mother of little Nina, 2 years old, Carine is from Rio Grande do Sul and gained notoriety by winning the Miss Butt contest in 2012, the same edition in which Andressa Urach was runner-up. She was also on the cover of Revista Sexy and sensual essays for other successful men's magazines in Brazil.

Currently, she shows a fitness lifestyle on social media, inspires other fitness moms by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Carine also maintains her own aesthetic clinic in Rio Grande do Sul, where she performs various beauty procedures and is attending the course of biomedicine.

Model: Carine Felizardo @carine.felizardo

Photographer: Christiano Cardoso @christiano.cardoso

makeup artist: Veridiana Marques @verimaquiadora

Advisory Agency: Cacau Oliver @cacauoliver

Press Office: Marcio Demari @marciodemari



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