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Daniela Uribe Celebrates Pride & the LGBTQ Community All Year Long

"June marks the start of Pride Month, but celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and supporting equality efforts is not just reserved for June! Daniela Uribe has made it its mission to create products that solve problems for the LGBTQIA+ community that is often underrepresented by creating size and gender-inclusive shoes for those under any identity. Year-round, the footwear brand partners with Stonewall Community Foundation and works to improve the diversity of the fashion space by their very existence.

With uncompromising ambition & talent, Daniela Uribe’s designs re-establish the paradigms of beauty and comfort. Believing that beauty comes in all shapes and, of course, sizes, the brand offers extended sizing up to size 45. The footwear brand is deeply rooted in inclusivity and sets out to create styles that are designed and measured specifically to accommodate every gender's feet. All products have been equally tested on male and female feet to deliver the same sleek look, stability, and exceptional comfort. The secret to their comfortably designed footwear is the cushioned insole with added arch support and extra metatarsal padding to provide real comfort.

Daniela Uribe is proud to partner with Stonewall Community Foundation year-round but specifically for pride month, for every pair of shoes sold, they will be donating 15% of proceeds to Stonewall in order to help them fund work that makes a difference on the issues that matter in LGBTQ lives. From education and violence to family acceptance and health, Stonewall funds vital work at the intersection of LGBTQ liberation and racial justice.

Whether you’re celebrating your own identity or you just believe in #lovewins, support a brand such as Daniela Uribe, where inclusivity, self-love, and acceptance is at the heart of everything they do."

Photographer: Rmstudiocorp @rmstudiocorpModel: Kyle Dansereau @killakyle___

Accessory Designer/Fashion Designer: Daniela Uribe @danielauribeofficial @Michele Marie PR

Model: Morphine Love Dion @morphinelovemua

Model: Just Kool @d.maye__

Model: Scooben Von Duben @scoobenvonduben


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