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Divine Life

Each of the outfits in itself, symbolizes something deep and great in our society, that is subject to interpretation by everyone.

Jewelry Designer: Keren Wolf @kerenwolf

singer/Model: Dorin Hirvi @dorinhirvi

Assistant: Nofar Greenfeld @nofar_17

Makeup Artist: Lena Oislender @lena_oislender

Fashion Designer: Athalia Lewartowski @athalia3l

Photographer/Producer/Creative Director/Retoucher: Kalia Gisele @kaliagisele

Stylist: Shy Michael @shymichael

Hair Stylist: Ravit Elishakov @ravitelishakov

Fashion Designer: Masha Glider @mashaglider

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kalia littman
kalia littman
Nov 07, 2021

Thank you!

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