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Enchanted Princess of Cappadocia

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"Model Rosie Minako and Horse Princess are delighted to take you to the real life fairytale of the enchanted land of Cappadocia in Turkey. Gracing the flying dress designed by Metino Zaay, Rosie walked you through the beautiful cave town through the sunrise. With spectacular hot air balloons flying over the sky, Rosie took you for a wander in the magical Cappadocia Horse Farm with Horse Princess.

We hope our readers will start believing magic does exist and appreciate the beauty of life! ♥"

Model: Rosie Minako @rosie.minako

Model: Horse Princess @princess_cappadocia

Fashion Designer: Meshki Couture @meshki

Photographer: Cappadocia Photographer (Mustafa) @cappadociapers

Accessory Designer: Ernest Jones Jewelery @ernestjonesjewellers

Makeup Artist: Rosie Minako Magic Hair & Beauty @rosieminako.magic_hair

Creative Director: Cappadocia Horse Farm @cappadociahorsefarm

Fashion Designer: Metino Zaay Flying Dress @metinozaay

Fashion Designer: Angelic Rose Couture @angelic.rose_couture

Accessory Designer: Orelia Jewellery London @oreliajewelery


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