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Hyelan Kim: I am Strong

Hello Hyelan, welcome to MALVIE Magazine. Can you begin by telling us when you started thinking about modeling?

Thank you. In September 2019, I closed my clothing sales business, and took a break. I became a certified healthcare specialist. One day when I was working as a health care specialist, I was inspired by the televised life story of Miss Soonhwa Choi who became a successful senior model at the age of 77 who also happened to be a health care specialist.

How are you living now? What are you doing?

I am currently working as a model and freelance nursing assistant. I couldn't get a full-time job because I wanted to pursue a modeling career. So I chose to work as a part-time freelance nursing assistant. I am very satisfied with both nursing and modeling.

Do you feel satisfied or happy when you work as a model? Especially when do you feel that way a lot?

Absolutely yes. I couldn’t be more satisfied. No matter where I am, no matter how many or few people there are, I feel thrilled when I stand on stage for a catwalk. When the music starts on the runway, I feel like I am walking on the clouds.

Rock climbing seems very difficult sport to challenge for a lady of your age. When and for what reason did you start this challenge?

I started it when I was 57, about 6 years ago. When I was in high school, I saw specilal forces soldiers rappelling in the deep valleys on TV and immediately fell in love with it and wanted to become a woman special troop soldier. I wanted to join the special forces then faced too strong a dissent by my father to do it. Now I grew old enough (haha) to realize my young dream again. I am not a professional rock climber, but I enjoy it as a hobby to the extent that I don’t fall from the rocks.

Many people in other countries must be amazed by your fit beauty and such contrasting tough activity on top of your second career as a healthcare specialist that you started in the late fifty’s. This is extraordinarily exemplary. Could you share helpful words or experiences with them?

Ok. Rather than giving up just because you're old, if there's something you want to do, just try it first. Start with easy and small things, not the very big challenges. Look at me. Don't you remember your childhood dreams? Whether it's a model or a rockclimbing...

Thanks a lot Hyelan. It has been a great pleasure to get to know you better. Our biggest congratulations to you and your work.

Thank you. It has been such a pleasure for me too

Model: Hyelan Kim

Producer: Dane Yang

Wardrobe Stylist/Photographer: Franchely Figueroa @franchely_photographer


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