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Kristina Nikulina

Model: Kristina Nikulina @kristinanikulina14 @MA Model Agent Group
Photographer: Efimov Slava @efimov_fashion
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Bella Smirnova @bella_smirnova_

My name is Kristina Nikulina, I have always loved fashion, from childhood I watched designers and top models, I was fond of the fashion industry. I understood more and more that it was mine, that I wanted to be professionally engaged in fashion and make a career as a model. Fashion is an opportunity to express yourself through clothes, character, and mood. Fashion is a daily message to the world, it is a language that can be spoken without words. My family has always supported and helped me. When I need help and support, my parents are always there, and I can count on them.

Fortunately, I have not yet had to face serious problems. I can say that it is not easy, for example, to keep yourself in shape all the time. The best motivation is your own reflection 💫 If you like what you see in the reflection, then you are on the right track! The work of the model is not as easy as it seems. It is very important to find a modeling agency that really cares about you, that is interested in the model and its promotion, and not only in the fees. I am very lucky to find such an agent. Anastasia Soldatova gave me a ticket to the modeling business, believed in me, and made my dream come true! Anastasia Soldatova helps and supports me in everything, transfers her knowledge and experience. I am not afraid of difficulties with such an agent.

Modeling is a special world. I see the goal - I see no obstacles. I do not waste time on virtual life. I take advantage of the opportunities that surround me. Modeling means filming, screenings, auditions. Sometimes in one shoot, you need to be in several completely different images, I really like that, each image becomes a story in which you live in a short time. Modeling makes it possible to meet new interesting people, teaches correct communication, develops independence and the ability to instantly make decisions in unexpected situations. My hobbies are snowboarding, dancing, tennis and golf! I'm studying foreign languages Today, thanks to my agent Anastasia Soldatova, I signed a contract in Spain. I am the face of hypermarkets and LED companies in Dubai. My goal is to become a recognizable model all over the world and conquer world catwalks. My biggest dream is to open shelters for orphans around the world, I will help these children become successful people in life.


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