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This series of photographs has as its thesis "change" and the connection of a being with the whole. Making use of the metamorphosis of butterflies as a metaphor for the change itself, the transformation and evolution of the human being towards connection with his environment. Hence the importance of the space where the photographs were taken.

The colors, and the elements that were used to conceptualize the idea.

Photographer/Retoucher/Creative Director: Fernando Marín @soyfrmr
Fashion Designer: Salvador Santana Paniagua
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Wendy Ibarra @wendy_ibarra_
Model: Coco Máxima @cocomaxima
Hair Stylist: Wig So
Accessory Designer: The Glam Store @lovetheglamstore
Nail Artist: Nails My Heart @nails_my_th


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