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"Natura" (2021) tries to explain the connection that exists between fashion and nature and how the elements can coexist in harmony in a sustainable way.

Fashion has always looked to nature for inspiration. Everything we wear comes in one way or another from Earth. But in recent years, that relationship seems increasingly uneven. From nature come colours, shapes, changes of season. All fabrics emulate nature in one way or another. Fashion shouldn't make sense without it.

Many things in life are inspired by nature. Technology, architecture, and almost everything we create is made by observing the natural world around us. The designs created for this shooting are inspired by some elements that belong to nature. The white and silver dress is inspired by the marine environment as if it were a jellyfish. The green dress reminds us of a bush full of flowers.

Photographer DAVID RODRÍGUEZ @davidofficialclub

Makeup Artist NAZARET RODRÍGUEZ @nararet_rcerezo

Hairstylist NAZARET RODRÍGUEZ @nararet_rcerezo


LETICIA GONZALEZ @leticiagonzalezconcepcion

NAZARET RODRÍGUEZ @nararet_rcerezo

Dresses design by NAZARET RODRÍGUEZ @nararet_rcerezo “Natura” Collection


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