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Ninka Pop, Kosmos earring editorial

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

"Our new Kosmos earring collection is inspired by Vaporwave and Retrofuturism - which looks at the future through a positive optimistic lens. We have all had a difficult couple years, and we are at a specific moment in time where we are looking forward to better and more colorful times ahead. Kosmos captures this feeling of forward looking optimism coupled with a sense of nostalgia, which is made evident by its space and Vaporwave influences."

Jewelry Designer: Ninka Pop @ninkapop_

Photographer: Haley Varacallo @haleyvaracallophotography

Model: Laura Lynn @__lauralynnlittle & Emmanuel

Makeup Artist: Samson Smith @samson_smith

Wardrobe: Emma Rubinson


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