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"I am obsessed is a collection that aims to show the obsessions, from the point of view, interpretation and taste of the designer who created it. The designer who created it. Therefore, the collection seeks to transmit repetition, overwhelm, domination and uncontrollability, overwhelm, domination and uncontrollability. For this reason, they are garments with a repeated element (the ruffles) and element (the ruffles) and have a certain volume to express the above.

The whole collection breathes fantasy and fun. Moreover, it has been developed under the principles of colour, volume, fantasy and fun through simple cuts but complex elaborations. Simple cuts but complex elaborations."

Photographer: Aitana Pujante Pino @aitanapujante/whatasoup

Fashion Designer: Esther Sancho @esthersanchoo_

Assistant/Hair Stylist: Paula Labodía @paula_smcl

Makeup Artist: Zowi García @zowi.mua.nailz

Model: Andrea Martínez @11andreab

Model: Sara Molinos @saramolinos

Model: Manuel Ferreira @mferreiracalvar

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Eva Cubas Domínguez
Eva Cubas Domínguez
Apr 30, 2022


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