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The power is within us

The story is about a girl who has felt her destiny since childhood. She didn't want to be like everyone else, she had a dream. The girl was waiting in the wings, and therefore rebelled against society, which imposed its own rules and stereotypes on her.

The girl grew up and achieved her goal, her cherished dream. Now she is the queen of life. She is respected, listened to. And yes, life continues to dictate its rules, but now it does not rebel against everyone and everything, but diplomatically solves all issues.

Fashion stylist Lusine Osepyan @luchi_os

Dress designer Dasha Li @dashali_official

Model: @actress_domozhirova

Photographer: Alexandra Emelyanova @__emelyss

Accessory Designer: @resobjects

Shoes designer @rosbalet

Wardrobe Stylist: Lusine Osepyan @luchi_os

Makeup Artist:


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