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5 High-end Makeup Looks for a Fashion Magazine

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The crazy 2021 has arrived, and all we can say is that weird is the new normal! Along with every changing style, makeup trends for fashion magazines have also changed their game. From embracing the dewy makeup looks to applying neon eyeliners( that were considered as scariest things) are now the topmost trending beauty looks in the world of fashion!

By following the 5 of our most favorite crazy makeup looks, you can create magic! So, hold your makeup kit. You're going to love it!

#1 Multi-Colored Eye pop

What is makeup without trying new looks? To create an out of the box look, go for the Multi-colored eye pop trend. You can go as crazy as you want! By applying different bright shades with a mixture of dusky gold around the edges of your eyes, you will create a striking look.

#2 Metallic Looks ft. Jewel Lips

Metallic looks featuring jewels lips? This makeup trend has changed the game of 2020 makeup looks. Using golden or silver luminizers, you can create your perfect metallic look. Also, covering lips with jewels will be like a cherry on the top!

#3 Bold Maleficent Look

Want to jazz things up with your makeup? Then you must try our Maleficent look. Instead of classic black eyeliner, you can go with red eyeliner to add a sultry look with a pop of bold red lipstick!

#4 Floating Glitter Look

Forget all about the traditional smokey makeup trends and opt for the above smokey eyes and floating glitter look! By adding a gorgeous purple shade, you can create a stunning makeup look!

#5 Jewel Tone Look

It's time to take your makeup game to the next level by trying the above striking jewel-toned-makeup look! Add multiple layers of turquoise-toned eyeshadow beyond your lids with a little pop of purple around the corners for a teal finish. Also, adding the exotic aqua lip shade will be the icing on the cake!

Now, you know how to rock the above makeup looks. All you need is a little practice! But, are you still hungry for more trendy ideas? Go check out our Instagram account @MALVIEmag



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