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5 PRO Tips to Get Published in a Fashion Magazine

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Those who wonder how they can work for a fashion magazine or those unaware of the facts on which they can make their way through a fashion magazine. Are you one of them? If yes, then there is no point in upsetting my friend, follow the article, and you will be a part of MALIVE magazine soon.

Photo: @malkiaroberts Stylist & Model: @cateayellah Model: @lucia_clement_ Access: @balungiuganda MUA: @glamist_meraki Assistant: @giyo_ug Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @malkiaroberts Stylist & Model: @cateayellah Model: @lucia_clement_ Access: @balungiuganda MUA: @glamist_meraki Assistant: @giyo_ug Via @officialkavyar

Fashion magazines welcome all sorts of artists to work and make a magazine the sought-after on a longer run, but it's no easy task. Whether you are a photographer, writer, makeup artist, visual artist, or artist, you have to embrace some fundamental tips to be selected for the most popular fashion magazines.

Unlike other prominent fields, the fashion Industry never selects an individual based on his/her degree; it instead prefers an intellect and high-quality work. Seeing your name or the pictures you took in the magazine is always eye-pleasing, but it requires a ton of smart work and some hard work as well!

Here my friends, are the ultimate guide intended to help you to get hand-picked for a magazine and make your submissions easy for your dream job. Follow the enlisted pro tips and make your way to MALIVE magazine smoothly.

1. Avoid non-relatable content

The first and foremost reason is the addition of some irrelevant stuff while submitting your work. For instance, if you're submitting your work, the images must be sorted. It is unnecessary to have plenty of pictures, each of them should be different and has some interesting story behind it. The addition of behind the scenes videos and photos will also be a plus point.

Likewise, if you are working on editorials, you must think out of the box and try to make them vivid and edgy. Try to impress the audience with your rare yet straightforward style because complicated styles, poses, and angles confuse the audience.

MUA & Photo: @mrschelseamariemua Model: @officialchasteen Hair: @brazilrainemakeupartist Retoucher: Via @officialkavyar
MUA & Photo: @mrschelseamariemua Model: @officialchasteen Hair: @brazilrainemakeupartist Retoucher: Via @officialkavyar

2. High-Quality Work

High-quality work is a differentiator and plays a vital role in your selection and submissions. Initially, when you submit your work, it would leave a substantial impression on the fashion editor. If you want to join a fashion magazine as a photographer, you must submit all photos exclusively created for our magazine and be a cohesive part series with no random images from other photoshoots.

Similarly, your work's quality should be well defined. Also, good quality work will help you get valuable appraisals.

3. Avoid Repetition of things

Blaming your fate will not be justified if you are not looking upon the mistakes you make. Another misinterpretation people do have about repeating their content to make it noticeable for the editor. Similar makeup looks, same poses, identical wardrobes, or any closely related content sounds boring and a terrible idea to start your career in a fashion magazine!

For instance, If there is a fashion addition, you must develop three different and fresh makeup looks. Also, You must keep this in mind for your beauty editorial. Since fashion magazines are the most popular publications, it always needs an innovative individual who can easily carry out new combinations and present it beautifully. Repetition of content will never be appreciated, and it will not help you in the longer run.

Photo & Retoucher: @yury_romanoff Stylist & Access: MUA: @makeup_me_siiiaa Model: @julia_pstyga Via @officialkavyar
Photo & Retoucher: @yury_romanoff Stylist & Access: MUA: @makeup_me_siiiaa Model: @julia_pstyga Via @officialkavyar

4. Incomplete information

In particular, while submitting your work in a fashion magazine, make sure that it is wholesome of what you are trying to present. A proper analysis should be done on how the editor will perceive incomplete information.

Sometimes your story seems powerful yet imperfect at the same time because you haven't supplied enough images. As a result, magazine editors consider it incomplete and will not let you in their fashion magazine. However, do not just focus on high-quality work, but your work should be complete as well.

Submitting a complete work is no big task. You have to take care of some essential points. For instance, you must add team and clothing credits(where applicable) by listing all the related agencies and management firms. Also, you must list every article of clothing featured along with the designer and brand name for clothing credits.

5. Do not watermark your Images

Watermarks are added to images conventionally to prevent theft. It's a long debate about whether your image should be watermarked or not, but we are not getting into that!

If you want to get selected in one go, we would suggest you not add a watermark in your images as it makes your pictures tacky and distracting. Yet there are other instances of including watermarks that are advertisements of your production or a photographer, but you don't need to worry as somewhere in the publication, you will be given credits for being a photographer. Long story short, we would highly recommend this to all photographers that try to avoid adding watermarks in your images.

Photo: @mdanielsphoto MUA: @Nicholerayartistry Model: @abigailzientek Via @officialkavyar
Photo: @mdanielsphoto MUA: @Nicholerayartistry Model: @abigailzientek Via @officialkavyar

Final Verdict

Constant rejection could be disappointing. Therefore MALIVE magazine has resolved this. The points mentioned above are enough, but it would be great to polish your skills by the time. Moreover, there are some other factors you can look upon to get noticed by fashion magazine giants, such as not enough light, retouching skills, bad photography, and modeling skills. Considering this article would help you to progress in the industry of fashion magazines.

You can submit your work via Kavyar: Here is the link! Don't forget to read and follow our guidelines and to submit your work in the appropriate Call for Work!

For further information and inspiration, you can follow our Instagram account @MALVIEmag . Hoping that this article would help you and serves as an entry ticket to a fashion magazine!



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