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A New Take On MakeUp: Try The Monochromatic Trend

"It's foolproof, requires minimal product – and even effort sometimes – and also happens to be a major trend right now"

Model: @pollybarker_⁠ Retoucher @june_retouch⁠ Makeup Artist @emmagmua⁠ Photographer/Retoucher:⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Think fast: a universally flattering makeup look. I bet you first thought of something timeless and classic like red lips and winged liner, or maybe a perfect skin base with full lashes and glossy lips – those answers would be right, of course, but what if I introduce you to something different?

Allow me to bring something else to the table, a more – or less – glamurous look, the one that is so dear to Gen-Z's heart on TikTok: monochromatic makeup. There’s a lot to love about it: it's foolproof, requires minimal product – and even effort sometimes – and also happens to be a major trend right now.

Photographer:⁠ Model: @majawrzoss⁠ Make Up&Hair:⁠ Stylist: @wy.stylizowane Via @officialkavyar

The look is all about using the same color – even better if it’s the same product – to multiple areas of your face in a way that lips, cheeks, and eyes match. The result is a balanced and effortless look that gives you that fresh look we love to see. Another great thing is that when you find the right products, this is an easy, sophisticated, makeup look to create.

Monochromatic makeup can range from soft to bold, and subtle to bright, so you’ll always find something that works for you. Depending on the product of choice and any mixing you want to make, the depth and pop of color can be adapted to create the desired effect on the face. Making the eyes a little darker than the cheeks and the mixing some gloss to the lips is always a gret way to do it, for example.

Model: @pollybarker_⁠ Retoucher: @june_retouch⁠ Makeup Artist: @emmagmua⁠ Photographer/Retoucher:⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Life goes fast and we have to go faster in order to don’t miss it, so to have the option to use less products on your makeup routine can never be a bad thing. That’s actually the reason why monochromatic makeup is so popular with professional makeup artists, especially for red-carpet events, because they need good speed and the ability to multitask – and that’s something we can learn from them.



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