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Alesya Stoyan: Disengagement

SFX effects/Makeup Artist/Creative Director: Alesya Stoyan @alesya_stoyan_makeup
Photographer/Retoucher: Katerina Kotliarenko @katekotlyarenko
Model: Kateryna Kasko @antigonakat @@amazonkamodels
Wardrobe Stylist: Marina Zaichenko @zaichenko_stylist
Hats designer: Marina Vitkovska @marina_vitkovska

My name is Alesya Stoyan. I am a professional fashion makeup artist and hair stylist based in Odessa, Ukraine. My signature looks are naturel make-up with a flawless skin. At the same time the source of my energy and inspiration is a creation of strange, art looks, playing with textures and using a special effects, such as silicone onlays, latex balds and other.

I’m a creative director of the editorial shootings. Various international magazines have published my work. And I also work for commercial brands and advertising clients.

I’m a makeup artist who has started her career at 35 years old. Not so late, but... So if I could go back and tell myself one thing, it was: don’t pay attention to the opinions of others, listen only to yourself, you are born to create start it now!

And would like to say a few words to the women in labor and the ones who has a small children: never stop! The makeup trends and techniques are changing so fast. There’s a risk to stay overboard. You still have to track global fashion trends, and to improve your skills even by making a makeup on your own face.



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