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All White: The Color Is A Must For Spring

As the super well-executed, flawless and elegant look that it is, the monochrome has – once again – jumped to the top of our wish lists.

Photographer: @tayajevtic Model: @meiling_stb @VIVA Models Makeup Artist: Wardrobe Stylist: @mysthetique Via: @officialkavyar

The monochrome trend has been super popular over the past few seasons, and we couldn’t be happier about it – I mean, if a trend is always coming back than it’s a pretty good one, right? Monochromatic outfits are an easy way to look put together and classy without too much effort, and that’s why we love it so much.

Fashion: @josephejiro Photo: @itsboye Model: @oyinda Via @officialkavyar

The monochromatic style, though it seems simple and maybe even basic, it is actually an incredibly versatile trend, because depending on your personal style, you can make it as minimalist or elaborate as you want. Because you’re only working with similar tones, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to mixing and matching, which goes for fabrics and cuts, and also adding a touch of color with accessories or jewelry. Start with a white base and complete with statement accents – from waist ties to contrast black hardware and bold shoulders – adding new things can change the whole look and should make wearing only-one-color outfits a lot more comfortable.

Photo: @mr.li9949 Model: Zhi Yu MUA: Luo Xi Stylist: Chen Xiaofeng Retoucher: Yue Yue Via @officialkavyar

This winter and fall, you may have seen a lot of brown tones and leather outfits, but if you want to adapt the monochrome trend for the joyful time of spring, you might want to try it with white. The odds are you’re going to love it!



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