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Artistic Evolution: The Creative Journey of Elizaveta Gribanova

Can you tell us about your journey as an artist and photographer? How did you first get started, and how has your style evolved over the years?

I have been developing in the area of art as a professional for more than 13 years, even more I have been painting since my childhood. I began with learning the visual art global principles, and while studying at the art academy (I am an artist by education), I began to transform my creativity, trying numerous techniques both in painting and photography.

You mentioned that you have been creating art for over 13 years. Could you share some of the key milestones or moments in your artistic career that have had a significant impact on your work?

The important fact is that I already became a fully-competent artist, while studying at the art academy. I created shawls, wove scarves and customised panels as well as created some painted . At the same time, I developed as a theatre artist and this helped me to think like a director, as well as to create props.

You have a background in both painting and theater artistry. How do these experiences influence your photography, and do you find elements from these disciplines woven into your photographic style?

Absolutely sure! A lot of brands I've worked with say this is what makes me unique from other photographers. Because of my painting laws knowledge, I know how to build the right composition to solve the necessary task with the help of photography. Thanks to my experience in theatre art, I consider a series of photos as a mini story. And of course with pleasure I easily reproduce all the necessary scenery - in real location and in post-production, with the help of processing and artificial intelligence.

What drew you to photography as a distinct art form? Could you elaborate on the moment or project that made you realize this was your passion?

When I gathered a whole team on a film set for the first time as a photographer and an art director,with stylist, make-up artist, professional model and assistant, I realized that photography is what lights me up and where I can show my skills best of all.

You mentioned working with a team including models, makeup artists, stylists, and assistants. How does collaboration play a role in your creative process, and how do you believe it elevates your work?

I adore working as part of a team, acting as a creator and director in one role and do it best for the shoot idea and the rest of the team create everything else to make it at the highest level. A single person will never create what can be done by a team that understands the idea of the creator. When each professional is responsible for their own part of the whole image, the results are imprssive.

It's impressive that some of the models you've worked with have gone on to achieve international success. What do you think sets your photography sessions apart and contributes to their subsequent success?

Thank you! I think I have a good purpose understanding of each shoot. If it is necessary to create a photoshoot, after which the model will be chosen to work with an international brand, I know what to do to achieve this. If it is necessary to create a photo shoot that will attract customers to the brand, I know what to do to make it happen. The base of each successful photo shoot is a deep understanding of the task for which it is created.

Brands choose you for shoots they want to be unique. Could you share some insights into your process of crafting these distinctive visual experiences for your clients?

Of course the mission of the photo shoot is important. But I go further and think not only about how to maximize the effectiveness of these tasks, but also how to do it in a non-template way to hook the viewer. So I'm also constantly adopting art techniques and using the latest software, including artificial intelligence.

When it comes to personal shoots, you treat them with the same attention to detail as fashion shoots. Could you walk us through the steps you take to ensure your clients have a memorable and meaningful experience?

Yes, that's just the way it is. In personal shooting the most important thing for me is not only to achieve the task (for example, to make a business portrait for a CV or beautiful photos for social networks) on a professional level, but also to create a pleasant experience. To do this, I make a quality preparation, create the right image, gather a team, together we finalise the details and then create a complete image on the shoot. Photographers rarely do this for personal shoots. That's why I can take high payment and my clients agree to pay more. And even recommend me to their friends.

You find inspiration in various forms of art, from paintings to interiors and even songs. Can you give us an example of a specific piece or experience that had a profound impact on your creative approach?

I can't mention a certain work, but I would say that my photography is inseparable from the art I study. This is already a masterpiece to take the best from that experience. And use it for my own ideas to realize them and artistic experience together with modern technologies, as it should lead the industry into the future.

You mentioned a future interest in combining photography with artificial intelligence to create new worlds in your photos. How do you envision this fusion of technology and art influencing the industry?

Yes, I think it is necessary to use all new technologies firstly to create the future when everyone will be using them, but in the currrent time artificial intelligence allows me to create new images that captures the viewer's attention.

In what ways do you see yourself contributing to and shaping the future of the photography industry with these innovative approaches?

By using new technologies in photography, such as artificial intelligence, I can meet the challenges that brands and clients provide me even more effectively. I spend less time and money than I would if I did the same thing without the technology. And some things couldn't be done at all with past methods.

I believe the future is always at the intersection of the past achievements and the current reality. Only by using both you can create a product of the future. This is what I am doing.

Can you share any upcoming projects or goals you have in mind for your artistic journey, and what excites you most about the direction you're headed in?

I want to explore and find new visual techniques that the combination of photography and advanced technology give us. I am going to apply these techniques to meet the modern international brands challenges and people on the way of development.

Interview by Justin Mitchell

Model: Nadia Kolesnikova @nadekoles @Number management

Assistant: Katerina Vaselman @vaselman_photo

Makeup Artist: Zlata Perepelitsa @zlata.perepelitsa

Photographer: Elizaveta Gribanova


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