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Beauty trends for 2022: it’s time to talk about it!

Ph: @Marina_obukhova_photo Md: @Albina_twain_booker Ma: @Twainmanagement Style: @Sollery_fashion Headdress: @Kotoma.brand @twainmanagement Via: @officialkavyar

As September arrives, the ‘New Year of Fashion’, it is now time to think beyond this year. All trends now are about 2022, and we’re so ready for it. And let me tell you: things are gonna change for real.

In 2021, everything was about the going-back-to-normal-life feeling, so we got to see a lot – and I mean a lot – of colorful looks and all kinds of graphic eyeliners. And I’m not saying those are gone now, but I believe I can say that they are not going to be that popular.

The go-to look for 2022 is muted.

You might ask yourself ‘what is a muted look?’ so I’ll explain it better: it’s the natural makeup trend from 2021 but like, more natural. That kind of makeup that makes you look like you’re not wearing any. I’m talking barely noticiable lips, really discrete blush and even maybe no eyeshadow. Mascara is also a ‘maybe’ here. The real ‘I woke up like this’ makeup look.

For thistrend, I wouldsaytheboldestwayto go iswearingredlipstickand a thineyeliner in a muted face. Yes, just like in the 70’s. Fashion and beauty trends are cyclical, so I guess it isnot a big surprise for us to see something go and give space to another thing that is completely different, the same way that we could expect some vintage style to come with. In 2021 it was colors and a bit ofthe 60’s, in 2022 it will be neutral and a bit ofthe 70’s.

Photo: @saskiastolzlechner MUA: Model: @alina_sadig Fashion: @_mariajaeger_ Retoucher: @retoucher.masha Via @officialkavyar

Of course, colorful itens are not totally gone - and I don’t think they will be for a while – but be prepared to this change. Runways are already doing it and, thanks to the Beauty Influencers, is really starting to catch the eyes of the internet, specially in TikTok – and I think we can all agree that TikTok kind of rules the trends now.

We still have a long way till next year, and everything can change in heartbeat, but the predictions is: we’re going mute.



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