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Blondes do have more fun – at least during spring

"As the weather is getting warmer, hair trends are getting lighter"

Photo: @frauke_boensch MUA: @evagerholdt Head of Hairstyling: @damian.tworuschka Session Stylist: @byfatiherbay Model: @annaluciagustmann Fashion: @artisan_acby Assistant: @lau_maki Retoucher: @yaroslav.zaiats Model: @maybe_laura Model: @takeit_isi Via @officialkavyar

As we know, winter was absolutely dominated for brunettes and their expensive brown tones. But as the weather is getting warmer, hair trends are getting lighter and brighter.

In fact, that’s the actual hair trend: bright blonde. Leave your purple shampoo in the past and embrace the golden tones – actualy, make it even more gold if you can and use products with golden or beige tones.

Photo: @knvlvphoto Model & MUA & Photo & Access & Hair: @intermodelsma Fashion: @cornerbylevishko Stylist: @margarita_kolomatskaya Fashion: @cornerbylevishko Model: @yakmasha_ Model: @apolynnaria MUA & Hair: @plastids_mau Via @officialkavyar

The almost-gold-blonde hair has all the boldness of platinum but is also updated with softer, warmer tones, making it way easier - and cheaper - to pull off and maintain.

Blonde hair is luxurious and sexy and it might gives you that Marilyn Monroe-starring-a-Hollywood-movie or maybe something like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the early 2000’s, but that’s not what we’re going for now.

The new golden blonde trend is supposed to bring softness to the face, lightning it with a bright face frame that will be a perfect match with the first signs of a warmer weather.



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